Inside the petty feud of Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau, from ab-shaming to complaints about fire-ants

Inside the petty feud of Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau, from ab-shaming to complaints about fire-ants

ON Friday, USA will be hoping to win back the Ryder Cup when they take on Europe.

Spearheading their charge at Whistling Straits will be fierce rivals Brooks Koepka, 31, and Bryson DeChambeau, 28.

The feuding pair will have to put aside their differences as team mates, even though they clearly can't stand one another.

From DeChambeau ab-shaming Koepka to a row about fire-ants, it doesn't get any more petty than these two.

Let SunSport take you inside the fight that's had golf fans awaiting a new spat.


What really fuels the clash between Koepka and DeChambeau can be put down to a differing opinion of how the game should be played.

Both are extremely powerful, but Koepka has a more simple approach to his fellow American's methodical style.

Back in 2019, it was Koepka who, perhaps, ignited the argument by calling DeChambeau's playing pace as "embarrassing".

It was a round at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic, which particularly annoyed Brooks.

While he didn't say Bryson's name, it was clear he was aiming a barb at him after the 2020 US Open winner took more than three minutes to take an average wedge shot.

The scientific approach, including measuring air density to the flag with his caddy Brian Zeigler, just doesn't wash with Koepka.


During lockdown, DeChambeau gained an incredible 20 pound of muscle – and is believed to weigh over 17 stone, which as much as Anthony Joshua.

But the 6ft golfer doesn't consider himself a tough guy.

In fact, they did come to an unlikely agreement once upon a time when asked about the potential of fisticuffs on Pat Perez and Michael Collins’ SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio show.

Collins said: "People acted like the two of y’all were going to fight.

"Let’s be honest, we know who would win that fight and it’s not me," DeChambeau admitted.

"Let me tell you right now he’d kick my ass."

Alpha-male Koepka responded: "He’s got that right."


In January 2020, Koepka appeared on the front cover of ESPN's annual Body Issue.

His nemesis, though, wasn't impressed and fired shots.

"In the Body Issue, he didn’t have any abs, to be honest. I got some abs," DeChambeau said while live-streaming a video game online.

Not to be outdone, Koepka took to Twitter with a witty retort.

The four-time Major winner showed off his two PGA Championship and US Open trophies in a gloating snap.

He captioned the picture: "You were right @b_dechambeau I am 2 short of a six pack."


Beefy DeChambeau's new pumped-up look became the butt of a Koepka joke back in 2020.

After he saw the world No7 arguing with a cameraman during a three-shot victory at the Rocket Mortgage Classic, he shared a GIF of Eastbound and Down character Kenny Powers attacking a news crew over steroid allegations.

But the funniest, and probably most ridiculous complaint, came when DeChambeau was playing at the St Jude Invitational last summer.

In a tricky position on the par-4 7th hole at TPC Southwind, he called over a rules official seeking relief from what he thought might be an anthill.

"There’s a red ant coming out of it, right there. A couple of them," DeChambeau advised – pinning his hopes on a free drop.

However, PGA Tour official Ken Tackett wasn't convinced it was enough to fall under the 'Dangerous Animal Condition' rule in the golfer's rule book.

The next day, as Koepka was lining up his ball, he joked with his caddy with the cameras rolling that he thought he saw an ant on it.

What is a fire ant?

A FIRE ant stings in a similar way to a bee – except it doesn’t lose it’s stinger after an attack.

That means they can pump in more venom when attacking a human.

A bite from a fire ant can cause swelling, burning and stinging in the skin.



A leaked interview on the Golf Channel really showed the public how much these two despise each other.

The four-time major winner failed to add a third PGA Championship to his collection, after enduring a disappointing final day up against Phil Mickelson.

He was understandably frustrated as he conducted his post-round interview before being stopped in his tracks by big-hitting DeChambeau.

Speaking with Golf Channel reporter Todd Lewis as he dissected what went wrong in his round, Koepka said: "I didn’t putt well but I don’t think any of the guys were going to putt well with this wind.

"It’s very tough. I don’t know what the other guys have said or … I just found it difficult to read sometimes…"

Koepka then lost his train of thought as DeChambeau walked behind and adds: "…. Sometimes, um … I lost my train of thought, yeah. Hearing that bulls***."

According to viewers on Twitter, DeChambeau riled his American rival up the wrong way by muttering: "Just gotta start it on the right line."


At the charity event The Match, blows were still being traded as Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady took on DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers, as golf met the NFL.

Koepka tweeted, ‘Sorry bro’ to Rodgers, while Mickelson laughed that he should let Brooks play for him.

DeChambeau then claimed he was ‘living in his (Koepka's) head rent free’, while Brooks responded with a clip of Bryson being called ‘Brooksy’ and getting irritated.

Amusingly, at the Memorial Tournament earlier in the month, a number of spectators were removed from the course for shouting ‘Brooksy’ at DeChambeau as he was teeing off.

Koepka's response… he offered his followers free crates of beer!

Maybe, just maybe, now they're on the same team there will be some respite. But don't bank on it.

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