Hull FC's Danny Langtree on his long road back to Super League from drugs ban

Hull FC's Danny Langtree on his long road back to Super League from drugs ban

The Hull new boy wondered if he would ever get back to the top flight after being dumped by St Helens following a positive test for cocaine.

A two-year suspension was followed by eight years at Oldham while working in the office of his father’s haulage firm but an impressive performance against Doncaster, who have a dual-registration deal with the Black and Whites, changed everything.

“I look back and think it’s just a mistake,” Langtree told SunSport about the moment his dreams at his hometown club were ended as a 17-year-old.

“At the time, that changed my life and it wasn’t something I could take back. It’s probably the reason why no-one came in for me but it’s something that happened when I was a kid.

“Now I want to really put it behind me and move on.”

Langtree’s move on the field has brought a big switch off it – the 27-year-old has left his hometown for Hull.

And the difference between part-time and full-time rugby is really being felt, in his wardrobe as much as on his muscles.

Langtree added: “When I got to Hull, there was a lot of kit waiting for me. At a part-time club I didn’t get that.

“At Oldham, I got one or two training tops and that was it. Here, I got five or six as well as other gear.

“There’s also so many other things that can help you progress, like protein and other supplements.

“And the training was a shock to the system at first. Running up hills around Hull that were so steep, I could hardly believe it.

“They also had us in a forest where we had to make up some equipment, carry that halfway around a course, dismantle it then carry it around the other half.

“So it’s certainly been a change but a good change.”

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