Hot Bods

Hot Bods

Ian Teo, 27


Height: 1.72m Weight: 71kg

Exercise regimen: I try to keep a regular routine, hitting the gym thrice a week and having a run at least once a week. For my gym workouts, I do a modified push/pull/legs routine, focusing mainly on aesthetics with strength as secondary. I don’t play any sports regularly but I do enjoy an occasional game of golf or basketball with my friends.

Diet: I wouldn’t say I have a diet, but a lifestyle. I adopt the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) plan where I am flexible with what I eat. I focus on 80 per cent nutritious food and 20 per cent of junk. I don’t avoid any food and I have a sweet tooth. My weaknesses are sweet breads and ice cream.

Shirlene Chew, 38


Height: 1.65cm Weight: 49kg

Exercise regimen: To keep fit, I run 3km on alternate days and hike or swim on weekends. I also play badminton or basketball in my spare time.

Diet: My diet is largely plant-based. If I feel like having some protein, then it is usually seafood such as fish and prawns. I avoid fizzy drinks, rice, bread and red meat, but I love oysters and wine. Dark chocolate, when I really want to indulge.

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