Hot Bods

Hot Bods

Text by Mark Cheong

Alexandre Ferreira da Rocha, 40

IT sales director

Height: 1.73m Weight: 67kg

Exercise regimen: I dedicate three days a week to sports, including stand-up paddling, outrigger canoeing, freediving and rock climbing. I do not go to the gym but spend another three days on callisthenics at home, doing functional movements using my body weight.

Diet: My diet is wholesome food and alkaline, including superfood salads with grilled fish on weekdays. I have high doses of micronutrients like quinoa, seeds, nuts and asparagus, as well as raw egg yolk and cacao chocolate. On weekends, it is grass-fed organic beef steak, with a superfood smoothie. I avoid refined sugar, packed food and drinks, fast food and too much alcohol.

Olga Prokazova, 36

Education manager

Height: 1.69m Weight: 68kg

Exercise regimen: These days I am focused on regaining my strength, after dengue fever. My regimen includes base movements (barbell dead lift, squat, bench press) and smaller movements involving dumb-bells. I exercise five to six days a week doing split routines – lower-body and upper-body days. On weekends, it’s beach volleyball training and some games. I also make sure I hit 10,000 steps daily.

Diet: I am mindful about the balance of macros across meals. With weight training, protein intake is key so I make sure I hit that target. I don’t avoid any food or nutrient group during meals but prioritise protein and fats over carbs. I avoid heavily processed foods and deep-fried food and fast food.

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