Francesco Totti's wife Ilary Blasi posed nude before becoming the 'Queen of Rome'

Francesco Totti's wife Ilary Blasi posed nude before becoming the 'Queen of Rome'

And the Roma and Italy legend has a queen fit for a king: Ilary Blasi.

Described as 'Rome's Royal Family', Totti and Blasi are celebrity power couple to match Posh and Becks.

Both have been fixtures on Italian television since the turn of the 20th Century.

Totti for his exploits on the football pitch and Ilary, a fellow Roman, for her long career as a model and TV presenter.

Ilary, 37, is currently a presenter on the Italian version of Celebrity Big Brother – even getting her hubby in for a cameo appearance on the show.

Named after her mother's favourite character in a Western film, Ilary has had a long career in front of the cameras, her mother first signing her up to an agency when she was just three, appearing in adverts, TV and film since childhood.

In her early adult life, Ilary also posed nude before becoming a catwalk model.

She would then go on to perform on an Italian TV contest as part of a dance troupe, before landing a gig as the presenter of Top of the Pops.

Since then, Ilary has been a fixture on Italian TV.

Ilary and Francesco began dating in 2003 and were married in 2005 at the Basilica of Santa Maria in Ara Coeli – a famous 12th Century church just a mile away from the Colosseum.

The full day of the wedding was broadcast to Italians.

But while one may initially think that was an exercise in vanity, the married couple gave all proceeds from the day to local charities.

Mrs Totti was pregnant with their first of three children, Christian, who appears to be following in his father's footsteps and impressing for Roma Under-14s.

The couple also have two daughters.

Unfortunately, Ilary has had to deal with continued rumours that Totti has had extra-marital affairs.

When he retired after 25 seasons at the Stadio Olimpico, a quote circulated on social media – although it's not clear if it's real – that made it appear that Totti was a cheat.

It read: "I cheated on all my girlfriends with each other.

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Bye bye Mykonos

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"But I never cheated on Roma and I never will."

Totti had previously admitted he lost his virginity when he was aged just 12.

He said: "I was 12 when I made ​​love for the first time. In Tropea, with a Roman girl who was 17 years old."

But in a recent interview with Corriere della Serra, Ilary, who has taken to wearing lots of different wigs on TV, made it clear that she believes Totti has never cheated.

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Io, te e Roma! Auguri amore mio ❤ @ilaryblasi

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"Of course it is possible, but there has never been a betrayal between us, I am sure of it," she said.

"Someone wanted to make gossip."

Totti's famous thumb sucking celebration is actually a nod to Ilary.

She had told him it was a bad habit of his and he playfully decided to use it after scoring to wind her up.

Ilary, who is Catholic and prays every night, is now planning a pilgrimage to Lourdes.

She said: "I would like an experience in Lourdes.

"Accompany the sick, the people who go on pilgrimage, which is something that I dream of doing for years.

"I've had so much from life, I do not forget it.

"I think it's right and nice to dedicate oneself to those who need it."

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