Football teams have reached out to Carli Lloyd after 55-yard field goal

Football teams have reached out to Carli Lloyd after 55-yard field goal

Hey Jets, were you watching? Because Carli Lloyd is listening.

Days after the USWNT star went viral for kicking field goals at a joint Eagles-Ravens practice, Lloyd said she’s had some interest in her abilities. Hitting a 55-yarder will do that for you.

“There’s been some interesting chatter about it,” she told Sports Illustrated’s Planet Futbol TV. “I think anything is possible.”

While Lloyd was simply trying to outdo Jake Elliott and Justin Tucker’s personal bests of 61 yards — she just missed a 57-yarder — the conversation has definitely taken her by surprise.

“It’s been really interesting because for me, I’m just an athlete, I’m a competitor,” she said. “For so many other people, they’re starting to think, will there ever be a female in the NFL at some point? I think we’re kind of at that crossroads as far as equality and just women empowerment, so you’re kind of being in the crosshairs of that.”

Plenty of NFL teams are already in the market for consistent kickers — the Jets were in trouble even before Chadler Catanzaro’s retirement this month — but Lloyd isn’t exactly ready to sign up for a new sport just yet.

“I’ve definitely gotten some inquiries and definitely got some people talking,” she said. “Anything is possible, but right now I’m strictly a soccer player. We’ll see what the future holds.”

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