England boss Eddie Jones is sick of the New Zealand love-in – even his own wife is supporting the All Blacks – The Sun

England boss Eddie Jones is sick of the New Zealand love-in – even his own wife is supporting the All Blacks – The Sun

EDDIE JONES is sick of the New Zealand love-in — because even his WIFE has jumped on the bandwagon.

The England boss knows virtually no one is giving his side a hope in hell.

So he came out swinging ahead of Saturday’s blockbuster semi-final — turning the heat up on the back-to-back World Cup winners.

With hosts Japan out of the tournament, Jones reckons there are now 120 million Brave Blossoms supporters who are backing black, not white.

But one Japanese lady he did not expect to turn to the dark side is his wife Hiroko.

Aussie Jones, who is also half-Japanese, said: “I’ve seen all the All Black jerseys around. Even my wife, I have to tell her to stop barracking for them! The Japanese love all that.

“The Samurais are mystique characters in Japanese history — and it’s the same for the All Blacks. Japanese love that, the Haka and all that goes around that. No one thinks we can win.

“There are 120 million Japanese people out there whose second team are the All Blacks. We’ve just got to have a great week, enjoy it, relax. Train hard and enjoy this great opportunity we’ve got.

“The Kiwis have got to be thinking about how they’re looking for a third World Cup and that brings some pressure.”Having accused the All Blacks of spying on England in training, boss Jones ramped up his mind games ahead of their titanic tussle in Yokohama.


As he poked the bear, Jones used the ‘P’ word 12 times in 17 minutes. His tactics were crystal clear as he grinned and said: “We don’t have any pressure, mate.

“They know they’re human. They bleed, they drop balls, they miss tackles like every other player. It’s our job to take time and space away so we put them under pressure.

“New Zealand talk about walking towards pressure. Well, this week the pressure will be chasing them down the street.

“The busiest bloke in Tokyo this week will be Gilbert Enoka, their mental skills coach. They have to deal with all this pressure of winning the World Cup three times.

“It is potentially the last game for their greatest coach and greatest captain, and they’ll think about those things.

“Those thoughts go through your head. It is always harder to defend a World Cup and they’ll be thinking about that and, therefore, there is pressure.

“You have to cope with it and at times it is difficult to cope with — no doubt about it. And we’ve got nothing to lose, that’s the exciting thing for us. We can just go out there and play our game.”

Ever since the World Cup pool draw was made over here in May of 2017, Jones has pin-pointed this exact game as one to mark on his calendar.

He admitted: “We’ve prepared for this game for two-and-a-half years. I remember being in Kyoto back then and you could do the mathematics — even an Aussie could do the mathematics — that we were going to play New Zealand in a semi-final.

“We’ve built a game we think we can take New Zealand with over the last 2-and-a-half years.”

Jones’ No2 John Mitchell, who played for and bossed the All Blacks, was also in on the campaign to stir it up. The Kiwi added: “New Zealanders expect the All Blacks to win.

“It is usually a trauma if they don’t but they also have their own legacy to uphold. It is contrasting in many ways because we believe in what we do and can’t wait to rip in.”

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