Eddie Hall reveals amazing body transformation as he sheds six stone and vows to KO Hafthor Bjornsson in THIRD round

Eddie Hall reveals amazing body transformation as he sheds six stone and vows to KO Hafthor Bjornsson in THIRD round

EDDIE HALL has lifted the lid on his epic body transformation after shedding SIX stone.

Speaking to Muscle and Health, Hall also vowed to KO Hafthor Bjornsson in the THIRD round of their upcoming boxing fight.

The strongman legend, 33, has been training like a Spartan following his move into the world of boxing.

Fuelled by a desire to knock out old rival Thor, Hall has ditched the 31.4 stone (200kg) frame that saw him become the World’s Strongest Man in 2017.

Instead, ‘The Beast’ now weighs a comparatively trim 24.8 stone (158kg).

And after finding his ideal size for boxing, Hall is even more confident of bringing down 'The Mountain’ when they clash next year in a rescheduled fight.

He told Muscle and Health: “When I won the World’s Strongest Man I was almost 200kg. 

“Right now I weigh about 158kg, so I’m 40 kilos or so down. 


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“I’m happy to fight 158kg, to be honest. I’ll probably go in at this weight.

“My game plan is to combine power, speed, agility, and endurance and I’ve got all four attributes nailed down. 

“I can do ten three-minute rounds quite comfortably.

“I think the third round will be the end for him. That’s what I’m aiming for.”

As well as training hard, Hall puts his body transformation down to nutrition, dropping his food intake to 6,000 calories a day.

But although that’s over double what most people eat, Hall has slashed his daily intake by HALF.

He added: “In my Strongman days I was consuming upwards of 12,000 calories a day. That was just a constant cow grazing. 


“All-day from the second I woke up to the second I went to sleep I’d have meals. I was probably eating eight meals a day with snacks in-between and lots of liquids like high-calorie smoothies. 

“Now, I have four square meals a day and five protein shakes in-between to make sure I don’t dig too big a hole. 

“I’d say I’m on roughly 6,000 calories a day right now. That’s half what I was eating when I was the World’s Strongest Man.”

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