Daniel Bryan Rips On Young Fan After ‘SmackDown’ Went Off The Air

Daniel Bryan Rips On Young Fan After ‘SmackDown’ Went Off The Air

The fan was celebrating a birthday at ‘SmackDown Live,’ and Daniel Bryan made it a birthday to remember.

While we may not have seen Daniel Bryan step in the ring for a match during SmackDown Live this week, fans in attendance got to see him have a dark match against longtime rival The Miz.

The two had a match with Daniel Bryan’s WWE Championship on the line, and as one might expect, Bryan retained his championship in the match.

However, the match itself was inconsequential. What made the SmackDown Live dark match interesting was Bryan’s belittling of a young fan celebrating their birthday in the crowd.

Bryan noticed a child holding a sign stating that it was their birthday, and he called the young fan out at the start of the match with Miz.

“It’s your birthday, congratulations, you’re stupid,” Bryan exclaimed into the microphone to a chorus of boos from the Austin, Texas, crowd.

He paused to let the boos flow before going on, “And your parents should be very proud because, on your birthday, it got recognized that you’re stupid.”

Before he could go on, the fans started chanting “Happy Birthday” to the fan. This led to Bryan screaming, “Don’t wish him a happy birthday!”

He let the “Happy Birthday” chants ring out for a bit, and then he let the whole crowd have it.

“Wishing a stupid child happy birthday is more than I can take, so I am leaving this hellhole to return to Aberdeen, Washington, which is truly God’s country.”

Daniel Bryan recently turned heel after kicking AJ Styles in the groin and landing his patented running knee to win the WWE Championship on an episode of SmackDown Live.

His new bad guy persona received a great deal of development on the episode of WWE’s Tuesday night show. He’s really amped up the environmentalist angle, talking about his issues with the crowd driving cars that lack fuel efficiency and using plastic water bottles without regard for the environment.

So far, he seems to be having a very successful run as a heel, and the crowd was very much against the long-time fan favorite in his segments on the show. He even managed to shut down the annoying “What” chant from the crowd this week, which was impressive.

Of course, it’s difficult to get the fans to turn on such a popular wrestler when he’s in the ring with a hated character like the Miz, so it was smart of Daniel Bryan to get everyone mad at him by insulting a young fan.

While Bryan may have insulted the fan in the storyline, he certainly left the child with a memory he’ll take with him for the rest of his life.

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