Action figure of West Ham hero Knollsy sells for £6000 on eBay

Action figure of West Ham hero Knollsy sells for £6000 on eBay

You CAN put a price on bravery! WWE-style action figure of West Ham hero Knollsy sells on eBay for £6,000, with winning buyer securing custom doll designed after ‘Angel of Alkmaar’ fought off hooded Dutch hooligans

  • Chris Knoll, 58, heroically fought off dozens of hooded AZ Alkmaar hooligans 
  • Knollsy has been dubbed the ‘Angel of Alkmaar’ and received a standing ovation
  • A custom action figure designed after his display of bravery has sold for £6000

A WWE-style action figure of renowned West Ham supporter Chris Knoll – better known as Knollsy – has sold on eBay for over £6000, with bidders having scrambled to take home the doll after his display of bravery up against AZ Alkmaar hoodlums.

Knollsy became an overnight sensation after almost singlehandedly fighting off thugs attempting to break into the seating areas where the partners and children of West Ham players were sat during their Europa Conference League semi-final tie.

The father-of-four, dubbed the ‘Angel of Alkmaar’ after stemming the tide of ultras, was then immortalised in the form of a custom-made doll kitted out with bruises. 

Pertinently, the individual responsible for piecing together the figure admitted they were inspired by Knollsy’s very own action hero-like heroics in Holland. 

The bidding began at £20 on Monday but over the course of the week rocketed beyond the £100 and £1000 milestones. Earlier today, the winning buyer was successful with a figure of £6000, with all bids above £1k tabled this morning.

A custom-made figure of notorious West Ham supporter Knollsy has sold on eBay for £6000

Knollsy bravely fought off hordes of hooded AZ Alkmaar thugs and has since been praised

The father-of-four appeared in good spirits before a match just days after sustaining bruising

In total, there were 58 bids lodged for the item, with a flurry of eye-watering offers inflating the final selling price ahead of the deadline earlier this afternoon. 

The seller of the one-off doll outlined the painstaking process behind its design.

‘Knollsy custom figure,’ the description read. ‘I was inspired to make this custom-made and handpainted figure with unique matching packaging. It took approx 28hrs to complete and will look great on display. It is a complete one off.’

The figure sees Knollsy dressed up in identical clothing to the outfit he wore on the night he was filmed clashing with Alkmaar supporters. The immaculately detailed doll is completed with a shouting face, clenched bloodied fists and a bruised face.

The packaging, meanwhile, sported the West Ham badge, pictures of Knollsy in action in the melee and an aftermath shot showing purpling around his eyes. 

Fittingly, Knollsy was handed a hero’s reception after he attended West Ham’s 3-1 victory over Leeds just days after fighting off the masked thugs in Alkmaar.

He was given a standing ovation at the London Stadium and took countless pictures with supporters around the ground, albeit while displaying his heavy bruising. 

Later, a video showing a large group of the West Ham faithful chanting ‘Knollsy is massive, everywhere we go’ outside a nearby pub left him visibly emotional.

Knollsy’s figure is kitted out with the same clothes he wore on the night he fought off the ultras

It was also completed with a shouting face, bloodied fists and purple bruises around his eyes

This week, Mail Sport had revealed that he has been rewarded with a ticket for West Ham’s first European final in 47 years after the club made contact with him.

Knollsy revealed he was nearly reduced to tears upon hearing the news, which followed a request by Mail Sport to the Premier League side.

‘I am at work and when I got the call today, I nearly cried,’ he said. ‘I am, so pleased, so happy. I am made up.’

He added that a club official who he had met during the match against Alkmaar called him personally, having seen first-hand his attempts to protect supporters. 

‘She said she was sitting two rows behind me and saw what happened,’ he explained. ‘She said I had been very courageous and that I deserved a ticket.

‘It’s ironic that she was the one who phoned me today. I remember joking with her earlier about whether she could get me a ticket if we got to the final.

‘I know how difficult it is to get a ticket. I am so happy at this.’

Knollsy was pictured still smiling and in fine fettle despite being on the front line of the melee

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