Zoo Babies: Dallas Zoo welcomes baby gorilla named Mbani

Zoo Babies: Dallas Zoo welcomes baby gorilla named Mbani

Welcome to AOL Lifestyle’s Zoo Babies, which profiles the newest and most adorable additions to zoos across America. From a baby sloth named Wookiee to a rambunctious baby tiger named Carli, these zoo babies will fulfill your daily dose of cuteness.  

Mbani is the latest furry addition to the Dallas Zoo!

The Western lowland gorilla has been melting hearts since his birth at the zoo four months ago. And although he’s only between six and eight pounds, the furry addition is part of the biggest gorilla subspecies and may grow up to 500 pounds. 

But don’t let their size fool you. The species is known for being gentle giants; quiet, shy and tender. You can see that by how Mbani’s father interacts with his son.

Because baby gorillas are born able to cling to their parents with their hands and feet immediately, Mbani has only recently learned to explore on his own. 

“He’s starting to get a little independence,” explained his zookeeper Tamara Jochem to AOL Lifestyle. “He recently started to crawl and walk a little bit. He still needs a little practice with that but that will come in time!” 

See more of the cutest new addition to the Dallas Zoo in the video above!  

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