You’ve been using dishwasher wrong as woman shows how to clean cutlery better

You’ve been using dishwasher wrong as woman shows how to clean cutlery better

A woman has divided opinions when she shared a dishwasher hack to keep her cutlery clean after a rinse in the machine.

Angela Taylor has been using the same dishwasher for two years and from time to time, she finds food residue on her cutlery in the basket.

And not until recently, the mum said she was "today years old" when she found out a way to keep the forks and spoons spotless.

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She took it to TikTok and explained: "So I was today years old when I figured out how you usually have this [cutlery basket] and you put forks and whatever vertically in like this.

"But when you turn it the other way and you open the side up, boom, they go horizontal and you can flip it back over.

"Who else did not know this or just learned this?"

While not all dishwasher models have a cutlery basket with lock and clasp, some viewers that the hack won't work unless Angela has a small utensil collection.

One said: "That’s cool for people who have five pieces of silverware."

"Ain't nobody got time for that," a second added.

Some appreciated Angela for sharing the hack, with a viewer commenting: "I've had the same basket like yours.

"Didn’t know what it was and it was annoying me so I took it out."

But others noticed another feature in the cutlery basket that Anglea has completely missed out.

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"Who’s gonna tell her they actually go in the holes in the top so they stay separate and get a full washing?" a TikToker asked.

Angela responded to the viewers that it was nice to find out the trick but claimed: "Honestly I am not doing it like that, too much work.

"I have had this dishwasher for two years and did not know this. I don't do it but my kids do.


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