Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend


What’s happening: Tonight, under the Libra Moon, lovey Venus and Pluto, planet of transformation, create a supportive connection.

What it means: If you’re looking to DTR or level up your relationship, now. Is. The. Time. Pluto in your chart’s “status” sector + Venus in your chart’s intimacy zone = changing your relationship status is defs supported right now. Act fast—Mercury Retrograde is starting soon!


What’s happening: Tonight, the Moon is in Libra, and Venus links up with Pluto. On Sunday, the Moon enters sultry Scorpio.

What it means: Even though work is mostly on your mind right now, try and find some time for date night. The potential for romance and seriously hot action is sky-high this weekend, especially once the Moon enters Scorpio on Sunday. It’s perfect for an amazing night with your boo, especially since Mercury Retrograde starting Thursday promises to bring aaaallll the relationship dramz.


What’s happening: The Moon is in lovely Libra almost all weekend! After a dull Scorpio Moon from Sunday ’til Tuesday night, the Moon enters fiery Sagittarius. On Wednesday, your ruling planet Mercury connects with Venus.

What it means: Hookups, dates, anything re: your love life is going swimmingly this weekend—until the Scorpio Moon ruins your fun, at least. DW, Gemini, because the end of the week puts 1) extra hot hookups, 2) the most romantic date night ever, and 3) replying to aaallll the hotties in your DMs back on your to-do list!


What’s happening: The Libra Moon for most of the weekend is eh, but tonight’s connection between Venus and Pluto, planet of transformation, heats up your bedroom! The Scorpio Moon from Monday ’til Tuesday night brings even more action your way!

What it means: You’re feeling like a total couch potato tonight, but hit up your crush and ask them if they wanna have a Netflix and chill sesh—they’re totally down. If you wanna see them again, aim for the beginning of the week—the astro-forecast calls for great sex and as much romance as you can handle. Have as much fun as you can, BTW, because the upcoming Mercury Retrograde might screw around with your love life.


What’s happening: Tonight, there’s a lovely Libra Moon! Sunday and Monday are pretty boring thanks to the Scorpio Moon, but once the Moon enters Sagittarius on Tuesday night, things lighten up a ton.

What it means: Your chances of getting it on this weekend aren’t the best, but they’re not the worst, either. You’re more likely to find a couple of hotties sliding into your DMs, and you’re all over them! Once the Moon enters Sag on Tuesday, you’re in the clear to meet up, feel things out, and if you like what you see, take them home and climb ‘em like a tree!


What’s happening: Tonight, Venus and Pluto, planet of transformation and intensity, team up. However, on Sunday, fiery Mars squares off with Saturn, planet of obstacles.

What it means: You’re in for a thrilling evening with someone sexy, Virgo—buuut they might actually ghost you by the end of the weekend. No shade, but you’re kind of a control freak–triple-texting and trying to figure out what TF they’re thinking is your immediate instinct, but just step back for a bit. They’ll come around, or they won’t, because it’s not about something you did or said, it’s a them thing.


What’s happening: For most of the weekend, the Moon is in your sign. On Monday, the Sun and Uranus, planet of surprises (or disruption!) oppose each other.

What it means: You’re a pro when it comes to all things love-related, so finding your next fling is a breeze, but by the end of the weekend things get crazy. You could have had an amazing time together, but then they ghost you. Or maybe things were just meh at first, but your second time together feels magical. Uranus rules surprises, so basically, expect the unexpected!


What’s happening: Issa Libra Moon tonight—bleh. The Moon flies into your sign on Sunday, and on Monday, the Sun and Uranus, planet of surprises, have an imbalanced connection. Mercury retrograde starts (in your sign) on Thursday.

What it means: Happy Scorp season, bb! Your love life’s getting all kinds of shaken up this week. There’s passion and heat between you and your boo, for better or for worse, so expect a sensual, toe-curling, astounding time in bed, or… an explosive blowout of an argument. It all depends on how stable your relationship currently is.


What’s happening: There’s a Libra Moon this weekend, but then it enters Scorpio from Sunday to Tuesday, and then it enters your sign. On Wednesday, Mercury and Venus meet up in Scorpio.

What it means: Your luck’s been, uh, let’s say less than great when it comes to your love life lately, but this weekend, there’s a chance to find someone to mack on if you go out for drinks with your crew! It defs won’t lead to anything long-term, though. DW, though, because Venus is entering your sign very soon, and your love life will start back up for realsies.


What’s happening: Tonight, Venus in Scorpio and transformative Pluto in your sign connect. On Monday, the Sun and Uranus, planet of surprises, oppose each other.

What it means: Thinking about adding a third person to the bedroom? Ask your hottest homie. Have a major crush on someone in your squad? Hit ‘em up! You can’t wait around for someone else to approach you right now, you’re the one in charge here—which is how you like it, right? So what are you waiting for?


What’s happening: There’s a Libra Moon for most of the weekend. On Wednesday, Mercury and Venus link up in Scorpio.

What it means: You’re feeling outgoing tonight, and you’re totally in the mood. Unfortunately, your chances of meeting the next LOYL are pretty slim, bb—that is, until you clock in at work later this week! That hot coworker—you know the one—is totally checking you out, Aquarius. If it’s cool with the workplace and you don’t mind the risk, flirt back!


What’s happening: Almost all weekend long, there’s a sexy Libra Moon. On Monday, the Sun and Uranus, planet of surprises, go head-to-head, and on Wednesday, Mercury and lovely Venus team up in your chart’s adventure zone!

What it means: This weekend has pretty hot potential, TBH, but there is something to look out for during the week—your ex! Mercury Retrograde starts Thursday, and this week’s astro-weather can indicate someone from your past (especially if they moved somewhere far away after you broke things off) making a surprise appearance. Don’t try to get together again, unless you’re in the mood for a quick little fling—in which case, have at it!

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