Your Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, March 6

Your Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, March 6


March 21- April 19

Your usually high energy is a little toned down today. You might find yourself needing a nap, or staring out the window when you're supposed to be focused on your work. It's hard to concentrate under the current influence! So let your mind wander. Get some extra rest when you need it. Power down for a day or two. Then you can come back full-force.

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April 20-May 20

Don't be surprised today if you reach some unexpected insights into the hopes and fears of the people around you. That's the current influence at work, opening your mind to knowledge and understanding that aren't necessarily based on cold, hard facts. This is all about the power of intuition. And since you're a practical person by nature, you have an extra advantage: You can ground your insights in real-world experience.


May 21-June 21

Many people are in emotional mindset today. But intense emotion can make you uncomfortable, so your instinct might be to laugh this off or intellectualise it. Minimising your own feelings is one thing — and be forewarned, it probably won't work! But be sure not to invalidate anyone else's emotions. That will only make them grow more intense. It's better just to acknowledge them and take them seriously.


June 22-July 22

Like lots of people, you're feeling extra sensitive today. Many experience this through a pervasive sense of melancholy or worry. But your sensitivity may actually be the type that benefits everyone. You can pick up on others' feelings and needs without having to be told explicitly. If someone close to you is sad or anxious, you know instinctively, and you can offer them your support.


July 23-August 22

Your creativity is on high today. Your imagination is always vivid, but now it's especially so. Your dreams might be extra intense, and when you're awake, it's easy to imagine just about any event or outcome. This could be challenging, if you're feeling anxious and you let your imagination run away with you. But if you channel this energy into an artistic or creative project, you could create something deeply infused with meaning.


August 23-September 22

Many people are feeling sensitive today, so it's especially important to treat them gently. Criticism could be taken as a personal attack, even if you didn't mean it that way. Under the current influence, it's much more effective to avoid giving even constructive feedback, and stick solely to appreciation and encouragement. In a few days, when people are feeling stronger, you can be a little more honest about what needs improvement.


September 23-October 22

As a natural peacekeeper, you're sensitive to conflict. And today you're especially so. Lots of other people feel a bit thin-skinned now, too, not to mention passive. Thus, any tension that develops may not be obvious, but you'll sense it just the same. Do what you can to smooth ruffled feathers and maintain the peace, but recognise that it might not be possible. This might just be one of those days.


October 23 – November 22

Today you're quite sensitive to others' needs and emotions. This is a good thing, because right now, other people are just plain sensitive! They could really use the type of support and compassionate advice that you can provide. Best of all, you don't even need to be told how others are feeling. If someone close to you is worried or upset, you can sense it almost as strongly as if you feel it, yourself.


November 23-December 20

Life could get a little confusing today. Like most people, you're experiencing the world at an entirely subjective level. That makes it hard to be objective or rational! It's a great day to stay close to home and loved ones. Wandering afar or spending too much time alone could lead to feelings of anxiety. This is one of those rare days when you need the comfort of familiar faces and places.


December 21-January 19

You spend so much time in the 'real' world of work, money, possessions and so on, that it's a good thing days like this come along on a regular basis! The current energy taps into the spiritual side of your nature. Explore this part of yourself. This might mean anything from going to church or taking a long walk to meditating or journal writing. Do whatever is most meaningful to you.


January 20-February 18

You're feeling a little more emotional today than usual. And you probably aren't used to this! You typically spend more time exploring ideas than feelings. Intellectual concepts are a more comfortable commodity for you, since they can be more easily analysed and codified than messy, irrational emotions. Still, don't shy away from your feelings or anyone else's. Acknowledge them and treat them as valid, even if you don't understand them.


February 19-March 20

Your spiritual awareness is heightened today. It's as if you're attuned at a higher frequency than usual. You might feel incredibly reverent when you see sunbeam breaking through the clouds or a baby's bright-eyed smile. More traditional forms of spiritual engagement, such as going to church or temple, are also favoured now. You're just more open than usual to the gifts and blessings of the universe — and that's saying a lot.

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