Your daily horoscope for November 13

Your daily horoscope for November 13

Get ready for the day ahead with our daily horoscope.

As Mercury finally moves out of retrograde, you should be feeling a lot lighter this week, with a mood that’s less tumultuous than previous months.

But let’s drill down into the specifics – what can each star sign expect from today, November 13, 2020?

Gemini, keep an eye out for an exciting opportunity, while Sagittarius should try taking a break with a nice walk outside.

Read on for your horoscope below.

What star sign are you?

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  • Scorpio: October 24 to November 22
  • Sagittarius: November 23 to December 21
  • Capricorn: December 22 to January 21
  • Aquarius: January 22 to February 19
  • Pisces: February 20 to March 20


As the Sun in Scorpio links with expansive Jupiter and passionate Pluto, a realisation of the opportunity you have before you may influence you deeply.

The difference now is that a feeling of enthusiasm might encourage you to act.


If you’ve been eyeing up a bold move and wondering whether to go ahead or not, your feeling may be that you should.

Mind, an edgier angle suggests that your schedule could be an issue and that you’ll need to streamline it ready for what is to come.


Opportunities can come your way. The only issue you could have is deciding which to take up.

One may stand above the others, though, and if you have a good feeling about it, perhaps this is a great reason to go ahead.


You could find yourself sidelined into doing what someone expects of you instead of what you’d planned. The reason being that with Venus aligning with Pluto, someone might not be in the mood to compromise.


Tensions seem to build between you and another. A minor niggle may develop into something bigger, which might not help matters.

Does it seem that something you want is compromised? If so, you could be tempted to manipulate matters.


An encounter can leave you feeling positive and if it’s the first time you’ve met this person, you may be keen to meet up again. Don’t sidestep those commitments that take up your time, though, as they may lack excitement.


You may be moved to change your focus concerning household goods and services to one encouraging greater sustainability. This might be something you’ve been working at slowly but now want to focus on in more depth.


Feelings can be mixed, particularly if you’ve been offered an opportunity that seems outstanding.

While you may welcome it, you might also wonder if you’re equipped to handle it, and this could leave you in a quandary.


While Uranus in Taurus can leave you restless at times, one way to resolve this may be to do more exercise, like a gentle walk. You might find this a soothing break from thinking, planning and wondering about the future.


Perhaps you’re secretly wondering what might happen if you succeed at achieving a certain goal.

Is this important to you? If so, it may be a case of rising above any limitations and seeing what you can do.


As Venus angles towards Jupiter and Pluto, there’s a chance to explore an association that needs some attention.

This aspect can be helpful for spotlighting areas where there may be ongoing niggles. A heart-to-heart could have a huge effect.


Current influences indicate an opportunity for a reunion, which could be a positive yet emotional experience.

Perhaps you haven’t heard from this person in a while, which can make this connection even more special.

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