You can now get parma violet and strawberries and cream Brothers Cider

You can now get parma violet and strawberries and cream Brothers Cider

CIDER drinkers who are open to trying new things should check out Brothers' two new flavours.

The Somerset cider firm has launched the drink recipes – parma violet and strawberries & cream – and they've already divided social media.

The parma violet flavour is said to taste of sweet violets with a hint of floral notes and apples, while the latter tastes of "fruity strawberry and creamy vanilla".

The ciders come with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of four per cent, which is the same as two alcohol units.

A post about the Parma Violet flavour in the Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK group on Facebook has so far had over 11,000 comments, with some users being very keen to try it.

One user said: "Parma violet and cider, surely a match made in heaven."

Meanwhile, another Facebook user who wasn't as positive, said: "If Satan drank cider this would be his favourite… Absolute vile!!"

The ciders are available in 330ml and 500ml bottles in Greene King pubs across the country, where the prices start at £2.50 for a smaller bottle.

They're expected to pop up in supermarkets too, but it's not yet been confirmed which ones, a spokesperson for the firm told The Sun.

Tesco is currently selling 500ml bottles of Brothers' toffee apple and rhubarb and custard cider for £2, or you can pick up three for £5 at Morrisons.

Matthew Showering, managing director of Showerings Cider Mill, said: "We are very excited to be bringing two brand new flavours to our customers through our latest innovations.

"At Brothers, we are always looking for ways to think outside the bottle and resonate with our younger audience.

"With fruit cider’s huge growth in the last year, and millennials constantly demanding new and exciting flavours, these latest additions felt like a no-brainer."

Parma violet fans can also pick up gin bottles tasting of the sweets in Aldi.

In August, B&M started selling violet gin for £14.99 – and shoppers were going mad for it.

Meanwhile, last May Baileys finally launched its strawberries and cream flavour in the UK.

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