Women with overfilled Brazilian butt lifts pay £20k to get ‘a** fat sucked out’

Women with overfilled Brazilian butt lifts pay £20k to get ‘a** fat sucked out’

A bunch of deflated women are being forced to shell out $25,000 (£20,000) to get their “overfilled” Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedures reversed.

The op has become popular in recent years and sees fat sucked out of well-padded parts of the body and injected into the buttocks.

And while thousands have paid to add more junk to their trunk to look like Cardi B, it seems that the trend is waning and may no longer win you rear of the year.

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A slew of New York women booking their pre-summer tune-ups are queuing up to have their BBLs reversed, Page Six reported.

And it’s going to cost them a whopping $25,000 (£20,000) each.

New York-based Plastic surgeon Dr Ryan Neinstein told Page Six: “Interestingly a lot of [the calls we’re getting] are for patients looking to reverse surgery done elsewhere.”

The most common complaint which is leading to the reverse surgery is “overfilled” and “cartoonish” BBLs, he added.

The doc explained: “These women can’t walk down the street comfortable in their own skin while looking like a cartoon character.

“I commonly have to shrink and tighten the buttock along with sculpting adjacent areas to give a more proportionate and elegant look.”

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More than 520,000 people got some type of buttock augmentation, including BBLs, in 2021, reported Fox News.

Some women have alleged that the operation is hellish and more painful than childbirth, taking weeks or even months to recover.

And when the procedure goes wrong it can have deadly consequences.

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The “world’s most dangerous cosmetic procedure” has seen a number of British women die after complications with surgeries performed in Turkey.

The Aesthetic Society estimated that one in every 3,000 surgeries results in death.

Dr Neinstein warned against committing to fad plastic surgery trends and said: “While clothing and hairstyles are easy to experiment with new styles, in my opinion, surgery should aim for timeless beauty.”


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