Woman’s ‘age appropriate’ work outfits slammed as being ‘HR’s worst nightmare’

Woman’s ‘age appropriate’ work outfits slammed as being ‘HR’s worst nightmare’

A woman left viewers confused when she showed her office outfits haul to look more "grown up".

Paige Boston, 27, said she just landed a job at a corporation but realised she didn't have any "age-appropriate" clothes to wear to work.

Claiming to find adult clothes "boring", she showed TikTok viewers the outfits she'd bought and asked if they were fine to wear in the office.

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"I want to wear cute little crop tops and leggings, I don't want to wear grown-up clothes," she explained.

"But for the sake of my new job, I decided to challenge myself and go out into the world and try to find some adult big girl clothes."

Changing into a cream white tone of a bra top and a loose pleated pants, she said: "This is my first more age-appropriate outfit – it's still cropped but it's neutrals which is an adult colour palette.

"The pants have pleats in them, which make it feel more grown up, definitely not an office look but I feel like a 20 something year old outfit."

The second outfit she picked was an all-black cropped jacket with a suit pants.

She realised it was not the most appropriate because of the midriff, but said: "It does have buttons on it and these are dress pants."

Her third choice was a grey-tone fitted cropped top and baggy tailored pants.

Paige continued: "I think this is both age appropriate and office appropriate.

"I know there's still the midriff problem, but I can pull the pants up or put a blazer on to make it a bit more office appropriate.

"I'm still not good at it, but I see myself improving. But if you guys have any recommendations, please let me know."

Viewers gave Paige a general rule of thumb to office attire – no midriff flash in office.

One shared: "You can't show a midriff in most office but you don't need to wear neutrals. Pick fun colours and patterns but the cuts need basically cover."

"Literally just buy a full length skirt!" a second wrote and a third added: "You can't be serious. HR's worst nightmare in the making."


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