Woman with acne shares before and after snaps to show how fake Instagram can be

Woman with acne shares before and after snaps to show how fake Instagram can be

A woman with acne scars has shared some pictures showing what she looks like before and after applying filters to show just how fake Instagram can be.

Izzie Rodgers, an influencer who promotes body positivity, regularly documents her journey with acne, but she decided she had enough of the fakeness social media can promote.

The beauty, who has nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram, suffers with acne and said she struggles to post pictures without filtering them first.

She said "how can she not?" when she has acne, scars and dark circles, and has the ability to erase them all with the click of a button.

In a recent post she put two pictures side-by-side to show exactly how much a filter can change your face.

The first selfie shows Izzie completely make-up free, revealing her acne, while the filtered version shows her with skin that looks completely flawless, with her dark circles erased and slight make-up applied to the eyes.

She captioned the images with the heading: "How can they grow up happy when this is the trending filter?"

Izzie wrote: "The answer is: well they just won’t.

"I am someone who is very self confident and comfortable with who I am, yet I still struggle to not prefer my face filtered.

"How can I not? I have acne, I have scars, bags and have dark circles and with a click of a button it can all be gone, and as an extra gift I also get larger lips, a slimmer nose and perfect eye liner flicks (which may be the rarest addition of them all).

"The bottom line is these filters are being used so much I’ve realised I don’t even notice when it’s on someone’s face anymore… imagine what that’s doing to young people?

"So I will continue to expose myself to help any young girls out there."

Since she published the post on Instagram many people have showed their support for Izzie's inspirational words and honesty.

One person said: "Love this", while another added: "I love what you're doing it makes me feel less alone in my struggle to love myself the way I am. Thank you."

Meanwhile, another social media user said: "I appreciate your content and transparency about your skin so much.

"I used to think that make-up was meant to look like all these filters, but it's so comforting to see this skin."

A third person wrote: "Kind of loving the no filter thing in Texas – wish it would last!"

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