Woman whose mum remarried on dead dad’s birthday asks if she’s bitter

Woman whose mum remarried on dead dad’s birthday asks if she’s bitter

Woman lashes out at her mother for getting remarried on her dead dad’s birthday – because it was ‘the most convenient date’ for the big day

  • Woman, from New Zealand, revealed mother remarried years after dad’s death
  • Mother chose dead father’s birthday as it was ‘most convenient’ date at the time
  • Dozens of people said the woman was entitled to be annoyed with her mother

A daughter whose father died when she was four has shamed her own mother for remarrying five years later – on her dead dad’s birthday.

The woman, from New Zealand, took to Facebook to canvas opinion on her mother’s marriage and to see whether people thought she was just being ‘bitter’.

In the detailed post, she explained how when questioned about the insensitive choice of date, her mother brushed it off saying it was ‘the most convenient’ date at the time.

She also revealed how the mother wore a ‘pink pant suit’ and ‘didn’t have any guests’, adding to her belief that she could have easily selected another date.

A woman has revealed how her mother remarried on her dead father’s birthday and has asked if she is ‘just being bitter’ about the situation (file picture)

She explained how her mother didn’t have any guests to her second wedding and questioned why she couldn’t have picked another day in the year

Dozens of people responded to the post and assured the woman that she was right to be angry about her mother’s decision, with some branding it ‘awful’.

The daughter’s post, which was shared on May 11, read: ‘Today would have been my dad’s 50th birthday.

‘My parents divorced when I was three, my dad died when I was four, and my mother got remarried when I was nine.


‘When I asked her why she chose to get married on this particular day, when literally pretty much any other day of the year would have been okay, she said, “Oh, I never thought about it. That day just worked out to be the most convenient.”


Dozens of people replied saying they could understand why the daughter was annoyed

‘Okay but you had a ceremony on a Friday afternoon with no guests, just the preacher and a witness… you wore a pink pant suit…. and you could not have picked literally any other day???

‘Y’all think this is shameworthy or am I just bitter?’

One person commented: ‘It was a very insensitive to do. As parents we consider our children’s feelings and that hurt was completely avoidable.’

Another agreed and claimed the mother’s actions were ‘100 per cent shameworthy!’ and ‘awful’.

The daughter asked others in the Facebook group if her mother’s actions were ‘shameworthy’ or if she was just being ‘bitter’, but reactions were split (file picture)


Some thought the daughter was overreacting and that she should be happy for her mother

Another Facebook user reassured the daughter, saying they agreed with her for being angry and said: ‘There were another 364 days that year she could of picked (sic).

‘I’m sure she knew your dad’s birthday considering they were married… I’d be rightfully p****d the f*** off. Forever.’ 

However some people thought the woman was being tough on her mother, with one posting: ‘Why not just be happy that your mother is happy?’

Another person agreed and said: ‘I don’t think she did anything wrong. People die and we have to keep moving. Maybe that was the best day for them.

‘And about the pink, maybe she wore white with your dad so wanted something different. You seem harsh; yes you lost your dad but even if they divorced she lost someone too.’

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