Woman vows to ‘never shave beard again’ as she embraces hair growth condition

Woman vows to ‘never shave beard again’ as she embraces hair growth condition

A woman with excessive facial hair growth has gone viral after ditching the razors to normalise her condition.

Nellie-Jean Robinson, a 35-year-old financial analyst from Orlando, Florida, was diagnosed with hirsutism – a hormonal imbalance – and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which both contributed to the excessive hair growth.

The conditions cause stiff, dark hair to grow on the face, chest and other parts of the body.

While hirsutism once affected Nellie-Jean's confidence and saw her shave daily in a bid to remove her excess hair, the bank employee has now learned to love herself.

In recent months, she has been documenting on TikTok her journey of letting her facial hair grow out and users love it.

In one of her videos, she explains why she doesn't have a boyfriend because of her facial hair growth.

Nellie-Jean poses in front of a mirror as she dresses up in a hot pink dress and puts on a makeup for a night out.

Then she shows several photos of her face after letting her hair grow out before a waxing session.

She wrote with a sad emoji: "Hirsutism."

She also candidly talks about how the condition condition affects her social life and mental health while sharing her regular skincare and waxing routine to viewers.

Her videos have received over 14 million views and thousands of comments from followers who have praised her for the honest approach.

One person said: “I thought I was the only one! I been growing facial hair forever and it has caused me depression, thank you for this seriously.”

“Sis you are so brave for this!! I’m doing electrolysis now and it’s been a game changer,” another fan said while a third wrote: "You are still beautiful, hair or not."

Nellie-Jean was diagnosed with the condition when she was in her mid-twenties.

"I spent a lot of years hating the way that I looked so I was constantly trying to hide it and felt more comfortable going out late to like a comedy club versus going to the beach," she said.

"It also made it hard to cultivate romantic relationships, making it difficult for me to grow close to men physically, intimately and romantically."

At the start of this year, Nellie-Jean made the bold decision to let her hair grow out and eventually have it sugar waxed – meaning ditching the razors and allowing her hair to grow out.

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She said: "After a couple of weeks of growing it out I actually thought it wasn’t that bad, it didn’t kill me like my fear had me thinking it would.

"I even thought: 'this is quite liberating to no longer be a slave to shaving and wearing make-up'.

"I know that there are women just like me struggling in silence who deserved to hear my story to know that they were not alone."

Nellie-Jean has since created an organisation called Cysters for Sisters – dedicated to connecting women with PCOS with one another and to helpful resources.

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