Woman uses dishwasher tablets to clean oven hood with no scrubbing

Woman uses dishwasher tablets to clean oven hood with no scrubbing

When Sarah Waldman came to cleaning her oven hood, she found nothing was working.

She tried hot soapy water, degreaser and Pink Stuff but the grime remained.

So thinking about some other hacks she’d seen using dishwasher tablets, she decided to give it a go.

She posted the idea to the Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page to encourage others to give it a go

Sarah said: ‘I went to a clean the other day, and the cooker hood vents were yellow and black.

‘Hot soap water did nothing. Degreaser did nothing. Pink stuff did nothing.

‘I was just about to use bicarb and vinegar, when I thought I’d try the dishwasher tablet trick.

‘OMG. It was like using an eraser on pencil. It just came off. Unreal.’

To clean the vents, she stood them in the sink, took a dishwasher tablet and dipped it in some hot water.

Sarah, who co-owns a property management company, then rubbed it all over the vents, leaving a paste over them, which she rubbed in and then rinsed off.

The tablet helped to break down all the grease caught up on the trays with minimum effort.

Others loved the idea and said they would give it a go, while some said that they actually take the vents and put them in the dishwasher, letting the tablet do all the work in there.

One person said: ‘They look like new when they come out.’

Another said: ‘Put mine in the dishwasher then it came out sparkling.’ 

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