Woman told ‘rich men don’t date big girls’ has last laugh by becoming sugar baby

Woman told ‘rich men don’t date big girls’ has last laugh by becoming sugar baby

A plus size woman proved haters wrong by flaunting her luxury lifestyle online.

Nodica had the last laugh after being judged by her size – as she's shown trolls how she dates rich men and reaps the benefits.

She also shared her tips to help others become the spoiled partner in relationships and "upgrade" their dating lives.

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In her TikTok videos, she reveals her "sugar daddy" showers her with designer gifts, wads of cash and free holidays.

She also visits hair salons, spending £1,000 on hair treatments as well as getting lip fillers and chin fat removal surgery.

She told fans: "When you realise being plus size doesn't exclude you from anything in life and the only thing you need to change to achieve the life of your dream is your mindset.

"So many plus size women are brainwashed to believe that they have to accept the bare minimum from men.

"But I'm literally a proof that plus size women can attract wealthy men who will spoil them.

"I made six figures in under a year after changing my mindset and now I teach women how they can do the same."

The TikToker urged women to focus on what they will attract in future relationships, rather than reminiscing on poor treatment they've had in the past.

She added: "Regardless of what you are looking for, regardless if he's to pay your bills, take you to nice dinners, take you to travelling, you need to believe that you deserve all of those things.

"You need to believe that that is the minimum the man should be providing for you because you are worthy.

"And if any man provides anything less, then that is not an option for you."

Nodica keeps her sugar daddy sweet by paying him plenty of compliments.

At times, she claims she's also promised intimacy in return for getting what she wants.


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