Woman takes snaps seconds apart to show reality of ‘sucking it in’ on Instagram

Woman takes snaps seconds apart to show reality of ‘sucking it in’ on Instagram

A fitness blogger has been praised online for her latest post about the reality of Instagram poses.

The influencer, known as Loz Fitness, has a huge following of 36,800 fans on Instagram where she continues to inspire.

Recently she shared two photos taken seconds apart to share the truth behind bikini body snaps.

Now she's decided to share her wisdom some more after uploading another two pictures that were taken right after the other.

Posting on Thursday evening, the fitness babe wrote: "Never compare your unposed to someone's posed.

"It's scary because I hardly recognise myself in the unposed image. Rarely do I fully relax when my body is exposed."

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She added: "It's sad that I am still conditioned to 'suck on' when I am wearing tight clothes.

"I need to work on this, and I will. Because I need to remember that my posed body is not realistic.

"My true body is when I am relaxed. It's okay to pose but just remember that it's a pose.

"Social media is full of what people want us to see."

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The influencer continued to tell fans that people mustn't ever compare themselves to others which isn't real life.

She added: "Don't compare your just got out of bed look to their going out look.

"Both these images here are beautiful, and we should embrace the real bodies that we have."

Speaking about her images, she continued: "Both these photos are instagram worthy, they both show ME."

"Every single body is perfect, but every single image is not, understand this," Loz wrote.

"Normalise normal bodies. Love yourself for what makes you different, cherish your stretch marks and care for them as you should."

Since she shared the snap less than 24 hours ago, it's already racked up more than 1,000 likes.

One wrote: "Absolutely spot on," another added: "I love this."

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A third praised: "Ahh I know your pain… but you look amazing in both!"

While a fourth agreed: "Sooo true. You look amazing in both."

And a fifth gushed: "Love all your posts they’re so inspiring, you should be proud of yourself!"

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