Woman shares list of ‘petty’ things she does when husband annoys her

Woman shares list of ‘petty’ things she does when husband annoys her

A woman has revealed all the "petty" things she does around the house when her husband annoys her in a bid to get her own back.

Anneliese King is a content creator who boasts over 290,000 Instagram followers, and works to help parents feel seen.

In a recent post she revealed all the "petty" things she does to get revenge when her husband annoys her, and they include putting the lights on in empty rooms and turning the volume up on the TV.

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Writing on Instagram, she added: "I also say s**t like 'go ask daddy to play laser tag in the basement he told me earlier he really wants to play'."

The candid video reveals all the funny things she does when her husband "p***es her off", and the clip shows Anneliese doing a variety of tricks.

Some of the main things she enjoys doing includes opening the seals on dips, putting loads of "unnecessary pillows" on his favourite seat in the house and turning the volume up high before she turns the TV off.

Since she shared the video it's gone down a storm with her followers, and more than 7,000 people have liked it.

Hundreds of people have also commented, and her tricks have been dubbed "kick-a** ideas."

One person said: "I love all of this. I usually just spend his money."

Meanwhile, a second commented: "My favourite is not putting the lids on correctly and then when he pulls it out of the fridge it spills everywhere."

A third also added: "This is gold. I literally laughed out loud."


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