Woman mortified after ‘overweight’ husband gifts her expensive gym membership

Woman mortified after ‘overweight’ husband gifts her expensive gym membership

Buying Christmas presents for friends and family can be difficult sometimes.

But usually purchasing gifts for partners is often easier, as least you'd think so…

One woman was left absolutely fuming after her husband bought her an expensive gym membership for 12 months.

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She was so annoyed by it that she went to share the situation on parenting forum Mumsnet.

The woman said: "This Christmas, my husband gifted me a very expensive gym membership for 12 months.

"I am very fit and active, but simply have no time to go to the gym and my husband knows this."

She added: "Despite being considerably overweight himself, my husband has been making pointed comments about my weight for some time (I have a BMI of 20). Am I being unreasonable to be p***** off?"

Unsurprisingly, people were shocked in the comments section as many claimed he was being rude.

One wrote: "I'd keep it and leave the kids with him, pretend to go and go eat chocolate and read a good book for an hour once or twice a week in the car."

Another added: "There has to be way more to this than just the gym membership. There's no way he's not a total t*** in other aspects of your marriage."

A third commented: "The cheek of him to buy you a gym membership and critique your weight when he is massively obese himself.

"How do you sit there with a straight face when he starts to make those comments?! Absolute madness."

While a fourth suggested: "I'd keep it pretend to be pleased and meet up with friends leaving him to sort kids, 2 or 3 times a week. If he complains say it costs a lot so you feel you must get your money's worth.

"Slip off at weekends too. He will never gift you this again. Also, come back looking happy each time and tell him the exercise is so good for you that maybe he should get himself a membership."

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