Woman ditched 9-5 job to run adult website and is now earning millions

Woman ditched 9-5 job to run adult website and is now earning millions

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Beccy Sharp never expected to be running a website for sex workers.

But the move has changed her life, with the businesswoman now earning millions from her job.

The 42-year-old from Hartlepool used to be a payroll manager earning a standard wage.

However, she is now Chief Executive Officer of racy site AdmireMe.VIP.

The website, which is a rival of OnlyFans, allows models and sex workers to upload exclusive content and charge a monthly fee to their "Admirers".

Beccy said she got involved in the company thanks to her cousin Chelsea Ferguson.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, she said: "I used to work as a payroll manager. However, when my cousin's mum got cancer, I stepped in to help look after her and took her under my wing.

"She said she was starting a business and was meeting a guy about a website.

"Chelsea had been a stripper working on other platforms, but the way she and other models were being treated in the industry was awful.

"It was ran by men in suits getting what they can without providing quality service…

""I came to check it was all okay as she's like one of my daughters.

"She put the money in and gave me half of the business. We're the perfect combo."

Beccy said they went live with the website in September, 2018 and said they were soon seeing the profits fly in.

She confessed: "We had no idea how successful it'd be, it practically exploded overnight.

"Within the first three weeks of the website running, I had to leave my job.

"Everyone could see how well it was going – we made our first million in just a matter of weeks."

The company now has 15 members of staff, including Beccy's two daughters, mum and sister. They also have a headquarters in her hometown of Hartlepool.

Talking about the company, Beccy said AdmireMe.VIP is more "ethical" than it's rivals.

She said: "It's ran by women and we're naturally more caring and empathetic than guys in suits who won't even acknowledge they've sex workers.

"We created the site with sex workers in mind, to make sure they have the best user experience, safety and security.

"Chelsea was a sex worker herself, so we definitely have their best interests at heart."

Beccy also encouraged those who were worried about the recently OnlyFans porn ban chaos to come over to AdmireMe.VIP.

She said: "We welcome anyone with open arms. AdmireMe.VIP puts people before profits and we won't forget our roots.

"We're constantly investing and putting our profits back into the business to make it the best platform out there."

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