Woman claims she ‘hacked’ Tinder to get matches and why lunches are best date

Woman claims she ‘hacked’ Tinder to get matches and why lunches are best date

A woman has shared how to "hack" the system on Tinder and get yourself a perfect match.

Annie, who lives in Georgia in the US, revealed the tips on TikTok and suggested that a lunch date is the perfect way to find out if you're compatible with the match.

She said she found her boyfriend on the popular dating app Tinder but admitted that it "wasn't luck".

Annie explains: "Let me tell you what, I did that. I hacked the system.

"First of all I bought Tinder Plus – I didn't have time to wait for matches so I only swiped on people who had matched with me."

As soon as she found a match, she "immediately" started planning for a date to suit her schedule.

Annie continues: "That way you're not overthinking it, you're not spending too long messaging them and like building up expectations.

"You picked a restaurant you want to go to anyways and if they can't go, great, send them to your next match."

She also said it's best to go for lunch dates or walks because it's a short meet-up and is easier to "get in and out".

If the date goes south, Annie would use excuses to cut it short using a tip she called "an escape route".

She adds: "Usually five minutes into the date, I'd say 'hey my roommate says she needs me to pick her up in a little bit'.

"'Not right now but a little bit later, is that okay?' They will always say 'okay, that's fine.'

"That way if you're not into the date, you can cut it short saying you need to go pick up your roommate.

"But if you are having fun, you can be like 'Oh she doesn't need a ride anymore. Let's do more thing.'"

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Viewers agreed that the longer they chat to their matches through text messages, the less likely they will go on a date.

"This is actually genius," one wrote.

"I would prefer that so much over the current text for a week, think things are good, only to have zero in person chemistry and waste that time," another said.

"I completely agree," a third chimed in. "Time limit is huge."

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