Wife teaches husband non-verbal way to show affection, he does it all the time

Wife teaches husband non-verbal way to show affection, he does it all the time

I love you. Those three little words might be the most loaded but they’re crucial in relationships.

Not everyone’s so comfortable expressing ‘I love you’, at least not in the same way. One woman who wanted her husband to be more affectionate become resigned to the idea that he was just not capable of doing it verbally.

She came up with a non-verbal way for him to express his feelings; by tapping her skin three times.

A Tumblr user, who goes by her account Bright-Eyed Bad Wolf revealed how her husband struggled to show his feelings.

Rather than feel unloved and underappreciated by the lack of affection, the wife said he could tap her with his fingers or give her three squeezes whenever he wanted to say ‘I love you’ without using words.

And now, he does it ‘all the time’, something that’s completely changed the nature of their relationship.

She’d worried that he loved her less but is now taken aback by how much he uses the simple method to communicate his feelings to her.

‘I verbally express affection a lot,’ she wrote. ‘My husband doesn’t. And I don’t know why. For the longest time, I wondered if he loved me any less.

‘At some point, I told him about a thing I had done as a kid, holding hands, three squeezes mean I love you.

‘Suddenly he’s telling I love you all the time. Tap tap tap, on my hand, my shoulder, my knee, with whatever part of him that’s closest to me, more often than I ever verbally said it.’

Now the taps have become ingrained in their relationship, she added.

They now both do it, a sweet physical touch to reassure one another.

Others appreciated the cute post and added the little things they do with their partners to show affection.

One couple said they send each other three emojis every day at 9am while another couple stick their tongues out at one another.

Do you have any non-verbal ways to say I love you?

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