Why Twitter Is Now Obsessed With Bad Brad Pitt Movie Meet Joe Black

Why Twitter Is Now Obsessed With Bad Brad Pitt Movie Meet Joe Black

More than two decades ago, Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins starred in Meet Joe Black, a movie that no one cared about at the time—it made just $44 million domestically on its $90 million budget, according to IndieWire, and $143 million worldwide, and its current Rotten Tomatoes score is a middling 51 percent, neither good enough to be good nor bad enough to be bad-good. Nevertheless, in the year 2019, Meet Joe Black is, improbably, having a moment again.

Specifically, a minute-and-a-half-long clip from the movie has been making the rounds on Twitter since it was posted Thursday. In the scene, Joe Black (Pitt) parts ways with a woman he’s just met at a coffee shop; as they walk in opposite directions, they keep looking back at each other (many, many times, too many times). Pitt steps into the street against the light—reckless!—before turning back one more time; a car honks and he’s plowed down in the middle of the road, bouncing off first one car and then another. “This is the most bonkers one minute of a movie that I have ever seen,” the original poster put it, accurately.

Another truly bonkers fact about this movie is that it runs more than three hours—upon viewing the clip, a masterclass in inefficiency, among other things, you can see why—and its director, Martin Brest, who had been previously nominated for an Oscar for Scent of a Woman, the movie that won Al Pacino his Best Actor award. Brad Pitt plays … death incarnate.

It has since been liked nearly 100,000 times and retweeted almost 25,000 time; more importantly, it’s sparked (surprisingly nuanced) debates over which Brad Pitt is the hottest Brad Pitt, reminded us of how Brad Pitt once dated Thandie Newton, and resuscitated discussions of Meet Joe Black’s truly appalling patois moment. See a few of the best reactions to a two-decade-old meme in the making, below.

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A pre-divorce Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrive at the premiere of By The Sea in Hollywood, in November 2015. The couple were together from 2005-2016.

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