Why Do Women Stay In Toxic Relationships? 14 Women Who’ve Been There Explain

Why Do Women Stay In Toxic Relationships? 14 Women Who’ve Been There Explain

Plenty of women have been in toxic relationships in the past, but the more perplexing question for those of us who have never been in them could be, why do women stay in toxic relationships? After realizing the situation is toxic, why stay? Why willingly choose to put yourself in that situation? As an outsider, it can be hard to understand. But a recent Reddit AskWomen thread asked ladies who’ve been in toxic relationships in the past to come forward and share their stories and explain why they took so long to leave.

Even if you’ve never in your life been in a toxic relationship of any form, it’s impossible not to empathize with the explanations these brave women share for why it is that they chose to stay in their toxic relationships as long as they did. Whether they stuck around for days, weeks, months, or years, it’s undeniable that these women were able to perfectly articulate what it was like for them to be trapped in their toxic relationships. Maybe you’re in a toxic relationship right now and want to read about someone who’s been in your shoes. Maybe you were in one in the past that, in hindsight, you feel as though you stayed in for too long. Maybe you’ve never been in one and are reading out of sheer curiosity. Whatever the case, read along and prepare to marvel at the honesty of these women.

All she knew was her troubled past.


She was in a bad place mentally.


She was afraid to be alone.


She believed she was unloveable.


She made excuses for them.


She still cares about him.


She didn’t want to lose the good parts of the relationship.


She thought it was her fault.


He threatened murder if she left.


She felt totally dependent on him.


She had to get her finances in order.


She was ignoring her own gut.


She was hanging on to false hopes.


No matter how long it takes you to leave a toxic relationship, remember leaving is always brave.

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