Why do men cheat? | The Sun

Why do men cheat? | The Sun

DEIDRE SAYS: Around one in five men admit cheating on their partner, a survey by The Sun found, with eight per cent admitting five or more affairs.

Not everyone agrees on what constitutes infidelity.

Many people think cheating means having a full sexual relationship with someone who isn’t your partner. 

For some, sex isn’t that important. They believe an affair means falling in love with someone else.  

But others think a kiss or even just forming a deep friendship or emotional connection is cheating. 

What unites all cheating is that it’s done without the knowledge or consent of your partner, and makes them feel betrayed, jealous, hurt or rejected. 


Research shows men are most likely to cheat with a friend, with someone they work with or someone they’ve met on a dating app or social media. 

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There’s no one reason why a man cheats. 

Sometimes, it’s because he just wants more or different sex. Or he may be bored or unhappy in the relationship. 


When a man is cheating there are a few key behaviours to look out for:

1. He may go off sex with you or be less affectionate.

2. He may suddenly be on his phone a lot more or become secretive with his phone or computer.

3. He might change his working patterns, staying at the office late, or say he’s going out more with his colleagues or friends. 

4. He could change the way he dresses, shower more or start using a new aftershave.


Cheating destroys the trust in a relationship, which can make it difficult to recover from. 

But it is possible for a couple to get over it and rebuild their relationship if both partners are willing to make an effort.


Communication is the key to overcoming infidelity. But it is possible to recover from cheating and in many cases make your relationship even stronger.

Sometimes, a couple needs external help to get over infidelity. If you need professional support, relationship counselling can help. Contact Relate, or the Dear Deidre team can help. 

More information is available in our Your Man Cheating on You? and Cheating – Can you get over it? support packs. 

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