Who is Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga’s dog walker targeted in shooting?

Who is Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga’s dog walker targeted in shooting?

Lady Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was reportedly shot in the chest four times in Los Angeles on Wednesday night while he was handling the songstress’ dogs.

Here is everything to know about him.

Fischer is from New York

Born in Cincinnati, Fischer appears to have spent most of his time in Hudson, N.Y. — and also spends plenty of time in Manhattan, according to his social media.

He appears to recently have moved to Los Angeles, where he was ambushed in West Hollywood — although it was not immediately clear if it was a permanent move or just to help care for Gaga’s dogs.

He was walking the star’s beloved bulldogs when he was attacked Tuesday night, with two of them — Koji and Gustavo — stolen, a source close to Gaga confirmed to Page Six.

Local TV footage showed him still holding a third dog, Gaga’s pet Miss Asia, who was soon picked up by her bodyguard from police.

Fischer shares his love of animals on social media

Fischer’s love of dogs could not be more evident on his social media, from the handle of one of his sites, Valley of the Dogs, to the loving tributes posted throughout.

As well as Gaga’s hounds, the page features numerous other dogs, although it is not clear if they are ones he looks after or his own pets.

Throughout, he talks to them like human buddies, with photos showing him laughing with some and getting kissed by others — and writing lengthy, loving diatribes about their quirky characters.

Fischer loves Gaga’s dogs

Gaga’s pups have been front and center for many of his posts — with his most recent one even showing him leading the Frenchies through a short ceremony for Ash Wednesday.

“We are from the stars,” he tells the adorable pups, as all three stare up at him while he talks in front of a large illuminated cross.

“No matter who you are – from human to hound – the tradition of setting aside time to contemplate your life and role in it is essential in the development of self,” said Fischer, who was raised Catholic.

He ends the clip by telling each “I love you” in turn.

Fischer is currently in the hospital

He was rushed to the hospital following the shooting.

A spokesperson for the LAPD said that his condition is unknown, but a source close to Gaga told Page Six that he “is thankfully recovering well.”

Fischer’s attacker is still on the loose

It is unclear at this time if Fischer or Gaga were intended to be targets of an attack, but law enforcement said that the suspect is still at large. Gaga is currently in Rome getting ready to shoot her upcoming movie and it’s unclear if she will return home to help with the investigation.

Fischer has Gaga’s support

Gaga is so distraught over the shooting and the theft of her dogs she is offering $500,000 no-questions-asked reward, a source confirmed to Page Six.

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