What does it really mean when we talk about Pisces season?

What does it really mean when we talk about Pisces season?

Every month brings a new astrological sign to the fore. But what does it really mean when we talk about zodiac ‘seasons’? And should you even care? 

If you type the phrase ‘Is astrology a science’ into Google you get more than 75 million results. 75 million articles, flooding the world wide web, wanting to know if astrology is, in fact, a real thing.

The thing about these Google results is that they don’t paint a full picture. When it comes to astrology, it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff in the great grain silo that is myth-busting. Astrology is based on linking astronomical occurrences with the real world, yes. But the scientific community does not consider it useful in any way. Astrology is based on too many assumptions, its critics argue. It’s simply too broad. But the fact remains that there are many people all around the world who are devoted to astrology and horoscopes, and find them a helpful belief system for making sense of the world we live in, women like Margaret Atwood, for example.

The point is that there is plenty to be mined from the world of zodiac, whether in the world of love or career, if that is your particular area of interest. Just do so with a grain, or two, of salt.

One area of astrology that has risen in popularity is the notion of zodiac seasons. But what does a zodiac season even mean? And what should we take from them? 

What do the zodiac seasons, like Pisces season for example, really mean? 

Each month brings with it a new astrological season, aligned to each of the zodiac signs. Right now, we are on the cusp of Pisces season, which begins on 19 February and runs until 20 March.

Zodiac seasons are of particular importance for those whose birthday falls within the month. Everyone has a particular star sign, and that star sign applies not only to the date of your birth but to the entirety of your zodiac month.

For those who are Pisces signs, entering a Pisces season is of particular importance. (Following that same logic, if you are a Capricorn, when you enter Capricorn season you are entering into a month of personal astrological strength.) 

These seasons correspond to when the sun falls on your particular sign, and when the sun is in your house that can only be a good thing. Your zodiac season is when you are astrologically at the fore. 

If you are a Pisces, it means that your Pisces traits and characteristics will be particularly pronounced over the next month. Revel in your sensitivity and emotional intelligence, celebrate your empathy, kindness and creativity. If you’ve been thinking about starting a new project or side hustle pursuit, now could be the time to take the plunge. (Appropriate, given Pisces’ identity as a water sign.) Pisces season, aligned as it always is with a shifting of the seasons, is all about new beginnings.

As with anything zodiac-related, though, it is important to note that you should always be making decisions based on what is right for you, and not necessarily what is foretold in an astrological chart. The zodiac is a belief system, but it is only one of many.  

Do zodiac seasons apply to other signs, too?

Even if it’s not your birthday, you could feel the flow-on effects of zodiac season, especially if your particular sign is aligned with whatever one is ruling that month.

For example, the other water signs – Cancer and Scorpio – will necessarily feel attuned to Pisces season, given that they all share the same traits of sensitivity and emotion. Outside of the similar water signs, Pisces season could impact those who fall under the Aquarius, Sagittarius and Taurus signs. These three signs all share a deep bond with the Pisces sign, and therefore whenever Pisces season comes around this bond is only more evident.

More broadly, though, Pisces season means that the characteristics of that sign become more visible in everyone, even in those whose zodiacs are not linked with Pisces. Gentleness, escapism, innovation, tolerance and imagination are all key Pisces traits, and if you feel yourself leaning towards these this month then it could be because of Pisces season.

Again, though, the seasons of the zodiac are only guidelines, and non-scientific ones at that. If you’re interested in them as a concept and what they might mean for you then they’re definitely worth investigating more. But remember that, zodiac season or not, it’s your life that you’re living. The only person who needs to make sense of it is you. 

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