Watch Ellen's Average Andy Get the Crap Scared Out of Him at Haunted Drive-Thru

Watch Ellen's Average Andy Get the Crap Scared Out of Him at Haunted Drive-Thru

“There’s gotta be other customers here!” he screams as a severed head is thrown through his window.

Andy Lassner, the executive producer on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” thought he’d be safe from having to wander through a haunted house for the audience’s enjoyment this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He was wrong.

While, technically, all haunted houses in Los Angeles were closed for the season over safety concerns, the LA Haunted Hayride found a different way to deliver the scares for Andy and anyone else willing to venture out of their quarantine bubble.

“My very very very favorite thing about Halloween is sending Andy through a haunted house. It’s everyone’s favorite thing,” Ellen said on Friday’s Halloween show. “With the pandemic, the bad news is there’s no haunted houses, the good news is there are haunted drive-thrus, so please enjoy Andy at the LA Haunted Hayride!”

In the video, Andy said he was “100% positive I wasn’t going to be doing anything haunted this year because of the pandemic.” Unfortunately for him, he explained, “Ellen and the staff of our show found something that is Covid compliant. Sickos.”

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Though the drive-thru was “very manageable” for Lassner when he drove in, the peace didn’t last long — and, soon enough, he was once again screaming his lungs off.

He couldn’t find his door lock, was constantly jolted by masked maniacs and chainsaws and gas can noise makers and, at one point, even had a severed head thrown at him through his window.

“There’s gotta be other customers here!” he shouted as a group of creeps surrounded the car. The video ends with him shouting for help as they all start to shake his car.

Watch him scream in terror above!

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