Volleyball Star Kerri Walsh Jennings Is ‘Laser-Focused’ On ‘Last Olympic Run’: It ‘Feels Really Purposeful’

Volleyball Star Kerri Walsh Jennings Is ‘Laser-Focused’ On ‘Last Olympic Run’: It ‘Feels Really Purposeful’

Kerri Walsh Jennings beautifully balances being a mom to three kids, a philanthropist and an all-star beach volleyball star, who is currently working to qualify for Tokyo 2020, which she says will be her last!

Kerri Walsh Jennings has made 5 appearances at the Olympics, representing the United States of America in the beach volleyball competition, taking home three gold medals and one bronze. The 40-year-old mother of three doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon — at least not until she wins at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics! “The qualifying process has already begun and I have a new partner, Brooke Sweat, and we are definitely laser focused on qualifying for the Olympics, because we want to win it!” Kerri exclaimed an in EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com, while promoting her new partnership with DICKS Sporting Goods Sports Matter program. “Of course, we got to get there. So the process has begun, and it’s so exciting.”

She continued, “Every single weekend, every chance I get to compete, now that I’m kind of turning the corner, and rounding, nearing retirement. I’m just so excited. And this last Olympic run feels really purposeful and inspiring and I’m pretty pumped.” The decorated athlete dominated the beach volleyball game with her former partner, Misty May-Treanor, and she plans to do the same with her new teammate, Brooke Sweat. “I have a great relationship with Brooke Sweat. Who is my new partner. We have foundation of respect. We have a similar you know set of values and principals and a love for the game. We both love to work hard and win,” Kerri said. “so I believe that foundation along with our dedication and commitment to being our best. I believe that’s gonna serve us very well. But each relationship is different. And I’m never one to compare my partners to each other. This is a new relationship it will require new things from me. And I will grow because of this new partnership and I am excited.” We can’t wait to see them in action repping the USA!

Kerri also spoke on her partnership with DICKS Sporting Goods’ Sports Matter program, which raises awareness to the importance of youth sports across the country and reminds those in need how to apply for funding to put their kids in sports. “I think, in general, sports is one of the greatest child development tools that we have at our finger tips, and the fact that with budget cuts across education system after school sports and even recess and PE are being omitted from the programing, it serves as a negative impact on these kid’s lives,” she explained. “when you play sports, you learn so many valuable life lessons. You learn about discipline, accountability, team work, communication. How to win. How to lose. How to deal with these things. Sport is such a great vehicle for driving purpose in someone’s life. It creates a sense of belonging within the team atmosphere.”

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