Voice of the Mirror: Lives at risk over privatising of probation services

Voice of the Mirror: Lives at risk over privatising of probation services

Privatising probation services must be reversed immediately. Selling public safety has proved a deadly nightmare.

When murders by criminals under the supervision of firms rise it isn’t a statistic on a balance sheet, but a series of violent tragedies.

Assessing whether individual killings could have been avoided under the old system is difficult. Yet the overall figures don’t lie.

At the heart of this scandal is, surprise, surprise, Tory bungler-in-chief Chris Grayling.

He was the man famously behind the awarding of a Brexit shipping deal to a company with no ships.

The most useless Cabinet Minister for decades and possibly the worst of all time, Failing Grayling is a total liability.

Now Transport Secretary, it was Grayling who ignored warnings and embarked on an ideological ego trip with such fatal results.

Current Justice Secretary David Gauke must resist face-saving tinkering and admit the Government got it badly wrong and recreate a public probation service to keep us safe.

Cornered PM

A willingness to be open, honest and lead difficult conversations are the  hallmarks of great Prime Ministers.

So it’s a tragedy that at such a crucial time we’re lumbered with Theresa May.

She should have been clearer much earlier about the difficulties of Brexit, including the cost of leaving and meeting the March 29 deadline she imposed.

Now cornered, she has become hostage to no-deal hard right Tories.

Ministers threatening to quit have forced May to offer a string of crucial votes.

But nothing can hide the fact it’s just too late for this weak PM to take back control.

Winter warmer

The balmy temperature may be heaven, but could be a sign of real danger if it’s down to global warming fired by pollution.

If that’s the case, at least one thing won’t change. We Brits will never stop grumbling about the weather.

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