Tyra Banks’ Dream Cast For ‘Coyote Ugly 2’ Includes An Oscar Winner & A Pop Superstar

Tyra Banks’ Dream Cast For ‘Coyote Ugly 2’ Includes An Oscar Winner & A Pop Superstar

Baby, this might just be the "right kind of wrong" Violet Sanford was singing about all those years ago. Apparently, Tyra Banks wants to make Coyote Ugly 2. In fact, Banks’ exact words, told to People last week, were: “I’m dying to do Coyote Ugly 2. I want to produce it." And, yes, she’s already got a cast in mind.

Speaking during an appearance on People TV’s Couch Surfing, Banks reminisced about her past roles, including playing Zoe in Coyote Ugly (2000). It was then that the model-turned-actress-turned-entrepreneur floated the idea of the sequel. It’s not official yet, as Banks admitted she would need "to get the rights from [Coyote Ugly producer] Mr. Jerry Bruckheimer or work with him.” But that didn’t stop her from throwing out some names she’d like to see star in the sequel. And let’s just say, she’s aiming high with a list that included a couple of pop stars and the greatest living actress.

It started with Banks asking Couch Surfing host Lola Ogunnaike who she’d like to see in the sequel to Coyote Ugly. The original film, of course, famously focused on a young songwriter trying to make it in the big city who winds up working at a bar where dancing on top of said bar was mandatory. "Selena Gomez," Ogunnaike said, getting instant approval from Banks. "Oh, Selena Gomez, that’d be good," Banks said. "Dancing on the bar?”

Another person Banks thought would be good at dancing on a bar? Lady Gaga, who does just that in A Star Is Born. But Banks doesn’t want Gaga to be one of the bartenders in the movie, she sees her in a bigger role. “Maybe Lady Gaga. The owner of the bar?" Banks asked before answering her own question. "The badass owner."

The Life-Size 2 star then threw out a wild card choice, one fans of the original might have never guessed. " Meryl Streep dancing on the bar with us," Banks said, before joking. “But, like, she would be the bar — she should be the bar! Method actor.”

Sure, getting Streep in a hypothetical Coyote Ugly sequel might seem farfetched — after all, she does have three Oscars — but you never know. In fact, Ogunnaike joked Streep would probably end up winning one for Coyote Ugly 2, too. "Of course she would!" Banks said.

While Banks said she’d like to produce the project, she also hinted that she’d reprise her role. Even reenacting parts of her most famous Coyote Ugly scene where she dances with a ketchup bottle to "The Power" in a seedy looking diner.

In the People TV interview, Banks revealed that it was her dancing that got her a role in the original. In her audition, she recounted, she had to dance to Prince’s "Kiss," which is a track that is over 4-minutes long. "I do about 20 seconds," she said, "And they don’t turn it off." When the song was over, she said, she was sweating and more than a little perplexed as to why the casting directors let her go on for so long. "I was like, ‘woo, that’s a lot’ and they were like, ‘We were just enjoying it so much we didn’t want to turn it off."

Clearly, Banks is hoping to get that same reaction if she ever does get Coyote Ugly 2 made. And honestly, it would be hard not to feel that way if she does end up getting Streep to star.

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