Trainer Luke Milton Reveals How Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale & More Get In Shape With Workout

Trainer Luke Milton Reveals How Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale & More Get In Shape With Workout

Celebrity trainer Luke Milton revealed the ‘key’ details in a 150 minute per week workout session that many of his clients follow to keep themselves healthy and obtain a ‘long and lean’ look like Selena Gomez.

Luke Milton of Training Mate has been training many gorgeous and healthy celebrities for years and now he’s giving all the details about a particular 150 minute a week workout plan that keeps them in shape. The impressive trainer discussed the workout likes of stars like Selena Gomez, 28, and Ashley Tisdale, 35, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife from his Santa Monica studio, and expressed the importance of their workout plan, especially if other people want to try it in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We need to make sure that we’re working out at least 150 minutes per week,” Luke EXCLUSIVELY told us when suggesting the healthy workout. “Making sure hydration is key and making sure that you’re eating a nice, balanced nutrition plan and making sure that you’re working out at least 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity exercise. Thirty minutes, five days a week.”

He went on to talk about how Selena obtains the “long and lean” figure she’s known for as well as how to get the toned muscles she has. “Consistency is the key, but again, with the focus on nutrition, making sure that people are aware that nutrition plays a huge part in making sure your body is always in tact, in tone and ready for summer 365 days a year,” he explained. “That means having a majority plant based plate when we sit down and increasing our protein at every meal, making sure we’re getting those micronutrients and macronutrients.”

“My saying to all of my celebrity clients and to everyone that I train in general is if its had a life, it’s good for you,” he continued. “That means filling our plate with plant based, macronutrient dense plants and vegetables like anything that grew out of the ground. Filling our plate with a protein, animal protein that has had a very sustainable life and making sure that it comes from very well sourced places.”

He also pointed out that “fasting” can work for some people. “I fast for 12-14 hours everyday. I try to do my last meal at 8pm,” he said. “I try to do my first meal at 10 a.m.-11 a.m. Drink a lot of water and cut out sodas. Water, tea, coffee, absolutely go for it. Green tea, cranberries, pomegranates. Making sure that we’re getting those nice, good, healthy fats in from avocados or some cold water fish. Making sure that we’re getting some oily fish in there, some vitamin B into our diet. Get those omegas in from our sevens. Watch out for any of the high metal fish. Other than that, keep the nice, fresh and clean, fruits and vegetables and keep that nice, clean, lean organic protein coming in.”

Luke went on to talk about the HIIT training he does with his clients that leaves them with incredible abs. “I always train people at a high intensive interval training methodology, so HIIT training. Always increasing that tempo and always increasing the intensity and making sure that people are getting 30-45 minutes of high intensity interval training,” he said. “That means a combination of cardio and resistance work. We’re born with the best gym that exists and that’s our body. We can do a lot of resistance with our body. Squats, push-ups, lateral lunges and then dynamic moves like split lunges, jump squats, clap push-ups. All of these things are really made to get our bodies in the best shape that we can.”

He added, “I recommend 45 minutes per day and you can break that up into 3, 15 minute intervals, so go for 45 seconds of intensity, go for a 15 second rest. Go for another 45 seconds and then another 15 seconds rest, making sure that 45 seconds is as intense as you can for your body and then for the 15 seconds, get the oxygen that you need. Shake those arms and legs out and make sure that we’re recovering through that process as well.”

As far as squats and lunges, Luke suggests getting “somewhere between 8 and 15 squats, 8 to 15 push-ups, 8 to 15 curls” for “45 seconds” in. “Whatever we’ve got in our homes, we can use,” he shared. “Aim for 8, 10, 15 reps and try and do that with really strict and strong form, making sure your abs are always engaged, making sure you’re always protecting that lower back, go through that as many times as you can and create your own circuits.”

Luke further explained that to avoid that “bulky look” that many people fear when doing things like lifting weights, you need to keep your nutrition balanced. “Balanced nutrition is going to help ourselves look long, lean and healthy and continue us in our healthy lifestyle endeavor,” he pointed out. “The workout itself will not bulk you up unless you’re doing absurdly heavy weights and we’re doing very low reps. Keep the reps high, keep the intensity high, you will not bulk up.”

When it comes to Ashley, who welcomed her first child last month, and her workouts, Luke said she is “so consistent and she’s so great with her work ethic and again, becoming a new mom, she’s become really, really consistent with her workouts. Ashley does a lot of work on making sure that she’s always ready to go whether that’s performing, whether that’s on camera, she’s just a rock star. Her workouts that we’ve done together include resistance bands and include light resistance, high intensity workouts.”

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