Touching reason Australian footballer Hayley Raso wears ribbon in her hair during match

Touching reason Australian footballer Hayley Raso wears ribbon in her hair during match

Australian football star Hayley Raso has revealed the touching reason she always wears a ribbon in her hair.

Fans who have been tuning in to the FIFA Women's World Cup will have noticed the 28 year old winger plays all her matches with a yellow ribbon tied round her ponytail.

Speaking to Manchester City's website for a profile, Hayley revealed the ribbon was something she had done for every game, dating back to her childhood.

She's had some assistance over the years keeping the colour scheme on point, with her grandmother sending over some matching sky blue ribbons to match her kit.

Hayley joined Manchester City following the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, in which the Matildas defeated Great Britain in the quarter final, on their way to a bronze medal playoff and loss to the US.

“I’ve worn a ribbon for my whole career,” Hayley, who now plays for Real Madrid, said of her ribbons

"My grandma always matches my ribbon to my kits so she's sent my new ones over for this season. It’s pretty cute.”

The Matildas will take on England at Sydney's sold-out Stadium Australia, with the winner then taking on Spain for the trophy this Sunday at 11am UK time, after they beat Sweden 2-1 on Tuesday to secure their place in the final.

As England's Lionesses prepared to take on Australia in the World Cup semi-final on Wednesday, they were inundated with support from sporting stars and celebrities alike.

Leading the pack was David Beckham, who informed the women's team – who sailed through to the semi-final after a win against Columbia – that the 'whole nation is behind them', and even enlisted his daughter Harper Seven, 12, to wish them well.

Filming a clip for social media, former Manchester United ace David, who co-owns team Inter Miami, couldn't contain his excitement, telling the team: "'Hey girls, I just wanted to say wow, what a tournament it's been so far. It's been so much fun to watch and we're all so proud as a nation of what you've achieved already.

"But seeing you girls play as a team, it's been really incredible. So continue to do so, good luck in this next game, and just know that our whole nation is behind you as always and good luck.'

As the star panned the camera over to his youngest child, and only daughter, Harper, she sweetly said, "Good luck, Lionesses!' While David finished off, "There's Harper. Keep inspiring these girls because it's incredible to watch and I'm very, very happy that you're doing it for this one. Good luck, girls."

Former Lioness champ Jill Scott is unsurprisingly backing her team too, and is out in Australia with the team ready for the clash.

Filming a clip of her own, the sporting legend shared a poem to the lionesses Instagram account.

"Right everyone, what we gonna do? Now that England has got through. We've used every excuse, boss, do you know what's at stake? They aren't buying my sore throat or my headache. If you can't beat them, join them. Let's head out to lunch, boss. Kick off's a little later, everyone, footy for brunch," said Jill.

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