Tom Brady on What Advice He’ll Give Jared Goff Before Super Bowl LIII: ‘I’m Not Giving Him Any!’

Tom Brady on What Advice He’ll Give Jared Goff Before Super Bowl LIII: ‘I’m Not Giving Him Any!’

If Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff hopes to get any tips from Tom Brady before their matchup at Super Bowl LIII, he apparently shouldn’t hold his breath.

Brady, now 41, was just 24 years old when he led the New England Patriots to the 2002 Super Bowl, the very first of his career. Brady and the Patriots surpassed all expectations when they pulled out the win over famed quarterback Kurt Warner and the heavily favored Rams.

This weekend will mark Brady’s ninth Super Bowl appearance, and it’s safe to say the five-time champion has substantially more experience than 24-year-old Goff, who is hoping to lead the Rams to a different outcome than in 2002.

While kicking off Super Bowl Week on Monday night, Warner — now an analyst for the NFL Network — asked Goff what advice he’d request from Brady if given the chance.

“What to make important and what not to make important,” Goff, who is only in his third year in the NFL, replied.

“I’ve gotten some good advice from some people,” Goff added. “I’ll probably be hitting you [Warner] up pretty soon here just trying to figure out what to make important, how to prepare this week, and how to avoid distractions.”

When Goff finally had the chance to gather some wisdom from the Patriots quarterback during their joint interview later that night, Brady quickly made it known he wasn’t going to give him the least bit of help.

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“I’m not giving him any advice!” Brady said as the crowd broke out in laughter. “They got a great team. I’ve got to go against [Aqib Talib] all night so that’s what I’m concerned about. And I know how great of a player he is.”

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He continued: “They’ve got a great defense. Best D-Line in the league and a couple of the best interceptors probably to ever play this game so I’ve got my work cut out for me.”

While Brady may have more appearances in the Super Bowl than any other NFL player in history, it looks like Goff will have to turn elsewhere if he wants any tips about calming his nerves before the big day.

Super Bowl LIII will air February 3 at 6:30 p.m. ET. on CBS. The network will also offer a livestream on their website,

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