This Was the Best Selling Purse on Net-A-Porter in 2018

This Was the Best Selling Purse on Net-A-Porter in 2018

Last week, Google announced 2018’s most-searched for fashion trends and brands, a list that included surprises like Fashion Nova and “hipster style” (apparently still a thing). But to find out what people were actually spending their hard-earned cash on, I turned to Net-a-Porter’s Global Buying Director, Elizabeth von der Goltz. She shared some insights on the most-shopped designer items in 2018 and apparently, this was the year that everybody wanted to get their hands on a Gucci handbag.

“In 2018, we sold over 1,000 units of the Gucci ‘GG Marmont’ bag,” von der Goltz exclusively tells It’s definitely hard to think of a blogger who doesn’t own the bag. Celebs are also on board, from Tracee Ellis Ross to Kendall Jenner. But I think what makes it such a popular style are the varying colors, fabrics, and — most importantly — price points. You could go all out with a large shoulder bag embellished with patches for $2,800 or you can invest in a classic design for $980.

It’s not the only bag that flew off of shelves. According to von der Goltz, shoppers were also crazy for the Loewe leather-trimmed ‘Raffia’ basket bag. It’s the ultimate beach bag, with a woven finish and buttery soft leather straps.

As far as shoes, “Souliers Martinez’s woven pumps ($640; accounted for almost 80 percent of the brand’s sales when they launched in our Vanguard program in 2018,” von der Goltz adds, further confirming an obsession with all things woven. “We were also one of the first retailers to carry The Row’s ‘Bare’ leather sandal,” says von der Goltz. The style sold out within two weeks, and to this day, Net-a-Porter has trouble keeping the sandals in stock. If you’re lucky, you can grab the navy pair while it’s still available ($790;

When it comes to jewelry, “Tohum’s shell necklaces were incredibly popular, and we sold over 800 units in 2018,” von der Goltz reveals. The most popular clothing item, which we’ll definitely see more of in 2019: “the Orseund Iris boiler suit, which sold out in just two days.”

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