This stylish bedroom gadget reduces clutter on your bedside table

This stylish bedroom gadget reduces clutter on your bedside table

This stylish bedroom gadget is a perfect way to organise your phone, book and glasses without cluttering your bedside table

  • A cluttered bedroom can lead to a decline in your mental health, experts say
  • But a space-saving gadget can help store items in reach and out of sight
  • Everything you need for bedtime will fit including books, glasses and your phone

Cluttered bedrooms can lead to bad sleep and poor mental health – but stacking up the bedside table with necessities can be difficult to avoid. 

The simple addition of a phone, book and glasses can overcrowd the sleeping space quickly but a simple gadget is now available to fix the problem. 

Homemakers can now buy a bedroom caddy which tucks under the mattress and hangs key items within reach but out of sight. 

A simple gadget, which tucks under the mattress, and hangs key items within reach but out of sight fixes that problem of a cluttered bedside table

Others said the compartments fit everything they could ever need for bed time

The Home Republic linen bedroom organiser has pockets for your phone, glasses, books and more – allowing the bedside table to be kept clear.

The handy gadget will help ‘keep your space neat and organised without compromising on style’ and appears to be very popular.

Customers say the organisers, which are sold by a variety of companies, are big enough to hold everything they need for bed time.

Others have gotten rid of their bedside tables all together, after buying the handy pouch.

 1 – Too much clutter

2 – No greenery

3 – Use of bright, exciting colours

4 – Bad overhead lighting  

 5 – Bad natural lighting

6 – Working from your bedroom

7 – Using the wrong sheets

8 – Too many flat, straight surfaces and corners

SOURCE: Bed Threads 

Clutter can inhibit sleep and mental health, experts say

‘Great for those items you want close by when there isn’t room for a bedside table,’ one woman said.

According to psychologist Nancy Sokarno and Bed Threads stylist Jackie Brown there are eight common mistakes people make with their bedrooms.

From bad lighting to lack of greenery, the women have revealed why you could be feeling flat and fatigued despite getting your eight hours.

‘Any clutter or mess can have a negative impact on a person’s mental health as it can make the brain feel disorganised and affect the ability to think clearly,’ Ms Sokarno said.

Ms Brown said replacing the clutter with a simple candle or oil burner can have a huge, positive effect.

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