This shame-busting video just joined the fight to show real periods on our screens

This shame-busting video just joined the fight to show real periods on our screens

This brilliant new advert for a period product has just joined the fight to normalise conversations around periods.

Finally, the stigma around periods is being busted with the help of progressive period product advertising. 

Those pink, sugary, flower-scented ads are slowly but surely being replaced by true representations of what really happens when a person is on their period. 

Because talking about periods really shouldn’t still be taboo.

Earlier this year, Bodyform was applauded for its #wombstories video, which showed the realities of periods, endometriosis, miscarriage, infertility, IVF and menopause. 

We also saw period sex on hit BBC Three series I May Destroy You: although it shouldn’t have been groundbreaking to air on TV in 2020, it undoubtedly was.

Now, leak-proof underwear brand Modibodi has joined the fight to show real periods in the mainstream with its new campaign. 

The New Way to Period shows the reality of getting your period: from blood-stained sheets to crippling cramps, annoying bloating and rinsing stained knickers in the shower. 

In a press statement, Modibodi explained that the advert was made after learning from its research that one in three young girls were afraid to talk about periods. 

Let’s watch the video:

“We’ve been made to feel gross, made to feel like we’ve got no choice, made to feel uncomfortable and unnatural in our own bodies,” the narrator so accurately asserts. 

She then declares that periods should just be seen for what they are: “normal”.

Although this is a refreshingly accurate take on periods, it would be nice to get to a time where showing a real period in the mainstream isn’t considered “shocking” or “bold”. 

Hopefully, this video takes us one step closer to reaching that moment.    

Images: Modibodi

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