This might be the most awkward New Year’s Eve kiss fail ever

This might be the most awkward New Year’s Eve kiss fail ever

A wannabe Romeo’s desperate attempt to get a cheeky New Year kiss has gone viral after the cringe-worthy moment was captured on live TV.

The luckless guy was spotted making a crafty move on a blond club-goer while being filmed partying on a popular Dutch channel.

However, when he closed in for his well-planned smooch, his “target” recoiled in shock with a disgusted look on her face.

The excruciating video ends with the pair staring at each other before the bewildered beauty looks to the ground seemingly in complete embarrassment.

The highly uncomfortable moment was spotted by an American student staying in the Netherlands who promptly posted it online.

Rex shared the epic fail on Twitter, captioning the 14-second clip: “I hope your 2019 starts off better than this guy’s.”

Not surprisingly, social media users have found the clip absolutely hilarious, and the post has already notched up more than 43,000 retweets and 147,000 likes.

One person was quick to give the man some kissing tips with the words: “My dude. It’s a kiss not a meal.”

Another pointed out: “If you slow it down and go frame by frame, you can see the exact moment he wished he was dead.”

Kaleb Earls said: “Why did he open his mouth like that at :04 cringe worthy.”

Another cruelly added: “Is he trying to eat her?” while another poster joked: “This is easily the most awkward thing I’ve seen all year!”

Someone else added the comforting words: “Well, there is always 2020.”

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