This is what 50 looks like

This is what 50 looks like

This is what 50 looks like: Mother-of-one reveals collagen drinks and DIY facials keep her youthful

  • Donna Courtney, 50, lives in Surrey with her 11-year-old daughter Caitlin
  • She says drinking Absolute Collagen keeps her hair and skin healthy
  • Mother-of-one does her own facials once a week to maintain her youthful look 

Donna Courtney lives in Surrey with her daughter Caitlin, 11. She is single and works as a receptionist.


In 2014, I lost a loved one to cancer. I became withdrawn and lost weight. I had to pick myself up for my daughter’s sake, so I started baking a lot — cakes, quiches, bread. I’d come home after work and cook until midnight. I’d give them away, or raise money for charity. It was almost a form of mindfulness, helping me through the difficult time.


As I’ve got older, my hands really show my age, so I coat them in Vaseline (£1.50, Boots) and go to bed wearing cotton gloves once a fortnight. I’ve been doing it for ten years. It’s not a glamorous look, but when I wake, they feel so soft, like the hands of a 19-year-old! I also paint them with OPI nail polish: reds, pinks, oranges and French manicures. It gives me a little lift.

Donna Courtney (pictured), 50, from Surrey, revealed how a combination of collagen drinks and DIY facials help to maintain her ageless appearance


Every day, I drink a sachet of Absolute Collagen (£26.99 for 14 sachets, A friend recommended it as my hair was thinning, but it has worked so well I’ve had to go down to a sachet every other day, as it made it over-thick. It has also made a big difference to my skin, which is smoother, with less visible fine lines.


I do my own facials once a week. First, I dip my face in a sink of cold water as I find that tightens the skin. Then I apply a Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask (£1.50, I follow with Simple Facial Toner (£2.33) and Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll On (£5.99), then apply Angela Langford Bloom & Glow face oil (£20.50, and use a jade roller to stimulate circulation. I finish with Garnier Ultralift Anti-Ageing Night Cream (£4.99).


I’ve found it harder to stay in shape since hitting the menopause, so every day I aim to do a 90-minute workout at home. I’ve got a treadmill (£130), rowing machine (£99) and hand weights. I do push-ups on an exercise ball and use my Wonder Core (£40), a small, foldable muscle-toning machine, to target my abs. All on Amazon. 

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