This handy TikTok hack shows you how to get rid of clothes hanger marks on tops and dresses

This handy TikTok hack shows you how to get rid of clothes hanger marks on tops and dresses

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If in these past couple of months you’ve been brave enough to sort through your wardrobe then well done to you.

It can seem like a mammoth task, but we’ve been sharing multiple tips to help you sort and declutter– from the best advice on how to spring clean your wardrobe to the most efficient tidying hacks.

However, one of the most common annoyances after you've done the sorting are the marks and notches that hangers can leave in your clothing. But thankfully TikTok user Abby Eckel (@lifewithhudandharry) has a solution to this.

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In the video, Abby shares a clever tutorial on how to fold your knitwear on a hanger in order to stop any pesky marks from forming while the clothes hang in your cupboard.

Even though Abby's video shows the tutorial being carried out with a knitted jumper, this can be done on any long sleeve top. Delicate fabrics like cashmere and pure cotton are also known to crease and show marks more than other textiles so this hack is worth trying out on your other favourite items.

Fancy giving it a go? The trick is easy to do at home. First Abby lays the jumper on the floor and then folds it in half vertically so that the sleeves lay on top of each other. Next she places the hanger in the armpit of the jumper with the hanger pointing away from the item of clothing.

After this she folds the sleeves over the hanger towards the collar. The same is then done with the bottom half of the jumper. Abby then simply picks up the hanger and is all set to hang away

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Velvet hangers like these are great as they prevent the clothes from slipping off.

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Another really good type of hanger to use is a rubber scooped hanger. These are not only non-slip, but they also remove the risk of shoulder notches caused by the sharp edges of the hangers.

STYLIST TIP: If you're hanging dedicate fabrics such as cashmere or silk, when using hangers with clips, simple put some toilet paper in-between the clothes and the clips so that they don’t leave marks.

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