This chocolate is specially formulated to improve your sex life – and it works

This chocolate is specially formulated to improve your sex life – and it works

Break. Bite. Bang.

Some say chocolate is better than sex – but now, food scientists have worked out a way to combine both.

Tabs Chocolate is a sexually enhancing dark chocolate supplement designed and formulated for partners to enjoy before you get it on.

It’s specially formulated and full of aphrodisiac ingredients which are perfect for getting you in the mood.

Simply snap a tab in two and eat half while your partner does the same, then let it take effect and get down and dirty.

Tabs Chocolate is formulated with 60% cocoa which is a natural aphrodisiac powered by caffeine.

Tabs also contain epimedium which is a libido-boosting herb containing icariin which is known for igniting desire and strengthening sensation.

Increased sensitivity is sure to make for even more mind-blowing sex with your special someone.

The chocolate also contains maca root which supports blood flow and healthy sexual function.

Increased blood flow is sure to make a certain something feel a lot bigger.

The final ingredient which creates the sexy master blend is DHEA.

This is essential in activating sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen in both the male and female body which can only serve to enhance your performance.

There’s also no need to feel embarrassed ordering the product because it comes in discreet unbranded packaging, so your neighbours will be none the wiser.

The chocolates have blown-up on TikTok with countless users claiming it’s done wonders for their sex lives.

The chocolates have also received plenty of five star reviews with one happy customer saying: ‘These had my man drowning in it I swear to god we went 4 rounds and he hit so good it felt like the first time again.’

Another customer who left a five star review said: ‘Takes a little while to kick in but once it does…’

Sadly, Tabs Chocolate is only available in the US via their website here, but we’ve got our fingers crossed that it’ll be coming to UK shores soon.

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