This £200 ring is the perfect alternative to Bulgari’s trending £3k triple band ring

This £200 ring is the perfect alternative to Bulgari’s trending £3k triple band ring

Quiet luxury is one of the trends that has exploded on TikTok, with its combination of understated beauty looks and minimalist fashion choices being one of the most copied styles of the season.

To go alongside the timeless, elegant look, celebs everywhere are swapping bright colours and over the top style for a much more understated look, and that includes everything from their manicures to their accessories.

If you’re currently a big fan of the subtle naked nails trend, you’re going to want to find another way of accessorising your hands that matches quiet luxury’s timeless style, and we think we’ve found just the thing.

Although many of us have been coveting the Bulgari B.Zero1 Ring, £2810 here, the almost £3k price tag is definitely out of budget for most of us, which is why we were thrilled when we found a much more affordable – and just as chic – alternative.

The Ripples Silver Triple Band Ring, £209 here, comes from Welsh brand Clogau, and features three bands of sterling silver and nine carat rose gold that gives a distinctly luxury look, without the designer price tag.

Similar to the much pricier designer version, the Clogau ring gives a minimalist effect, with its mixed metals being another top trend this summer. Mixing metals is a chic way of elevating simple jewellery, and Bulgari’s coveted B.Zero1 ring also comes in a whole host of different metal combinations, including rose gold and ceramic, £1940 here, and 18 carat rose, white and yellow gold, £2720 here.

There’s also an ultra-luxe version of the designer ring, which features diamond insets along one of the bands and costs an eye-watering £4970 here, however Clogau’s Ripples ring encapsulates that same look with its trio of white topaz stones embedded in one of the bands.

The Welsh brand also has several other gorgeous mixed metal rings available, including its Tree of Life Insignia Ring, £179 here, which combines sterling silver with nine carat gold.

Each piece of Clogau’s jewellery contains a piece of rare Welsh gold, which is the same precious metal used to create Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Princess Catherine and Queen Camilla’s wedding rings, with each of their bands using Clogau St David’s mine gold.

You can shop the Clogau Ripples Silver Triple Band Ring, £209 here, or shop our other alternatives to Bulgari’s luxury version below.

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