These Dog Slippers Are Fur-Real the Cutest Thing on the Internet Right Now

These Dog Slippers Are Fur-Real the Cutest Thing on the Internet Right Now

Dog lovers and pet parents, go grab your wallets because we just found the doggone cutest and coziest slippers ever. 

You can now match your furry friend while you lounge around your house thanks to these dog slippers from Silver Lilly. Its adorable array, which is available on Amazon, features thirteen popular breeds including Corgis, Pugs, Siberian Huskies, Dachshunds, and many more starting at just $10.

Each plush pair features a foam footbed, traction dots on the bottom of each shoe, and of course, a squeal-worthy dog face front and center. Shoppers agree that they’re warm and comfy, and are a fun gift for the dog-obsessed person in your life — especially those who can’t own a pet or live far from home. It’s no wonder they’ve earned tons of high ratings and praise-filled reviews.

“[My] husband absolutely loves these slippers,” one reviewer wrote. “Super cute and cozy — even cuter in person than in the picture.”

“I bought these for my wife for her birthday. We have two Dachshunds and love the breed,” another shopper wrote. “She said the slippers are soft, warm, fuzzy, and very comfortable.”

Shop Dog Breed Slippers for Adults and Kids

  • Pomeranian dog slipper, $14.99;
  • Corgi dog slipper, $19.99;
  • Pug dog slipper, $19.99;
  • French Bulldog slipper, $14.99;
  • Rottweiler dog slipper, $16.99;
  • Dachshund dog slipper, $19.99;
  • English Bulldog slipper, $12.99;
  • Golden Retriever dog slipper, $16.99;
  • Siberian Husky dog slipper, $16.99;
  • Labrador dog slipper, $19.99;
  • German Shepherd dog slipper, $19.99;
  • Bulldog dog slipper, $9.99;
  • Pitbull dog slipper, $12.99;

They’re incredibly popular with kids, too! “My 10 year old son loves them and was so excited when he saw them,” another reviewer chimed in. “They fit well and he hasn’t taken them off anytime he’s in the house since he got them.”

And thanks to Amazon’s complimentary shipping for Prime members, you can get these dog slippers delivered in just two days, making them a no-fuss last-minute birthday or holiday gift for dog lovers of all ages.

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